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8 Decorating Tips for Creating a Dreamy Front Porch

The first thing people see when they visit your home is your front porch.

If you want this space to be dreamy and a place for relaxation, it is time to get your DIY gloves on.

8 Tips for Decorating your Front Porch

Roll up your sleeves because we are here to share with you some bright ideas for creating the dreamy front porch you have always wanted.

Before you start, brainstorm a design theme and stick to it. Mixing too many themes together will end up looking messy.

A few popular decorating themes include:

  • Brights
  • Vintage / Shabby Chic
  • Retro
  • Beachside
  • Modern
  • Natural / Rustic
  • Japanese
  • Moroccan
  • Glamour

1. Go green

Nothing says relaxation quite like greenery. This is still an outdoor area and you can make it feel at home by adding a series of plants.

Look out for the freshest front garden ideas quirky pots or urns and mix it up with your favorite flowers. Depending on the size of your front porch you can try hanging plants or oversized pots.

If you are feeling particularly creative you can paint the pots to show off your personal style. Pots can be matching, or go for an eclectic feel with a range of different patterns and sizes.

If you have a bit of a green thumb, try planting small vegetables and herbs in pots or small crates. This will give your entrance a farmhouse feel.

2. Step on it

Look down. Does the flooring need a little bit of loving? Think about what it is made of, and work out what it needs from there.

A quick paint, sand, or gloss can quickly turn an old boring floor into a fresh new one.

You can even include an outdoor mat, bring the indoors outside and you will almost feel as though you have an extra room in your home.

Choose a mat which suits your theme and can handle any extra foot traffic.

Don’t forget to check the steps! They may also be in desperate need of a makeover.

3. Sit down

If you are taking the time to spruce up your front porch, you want to be able to enjoy it. This means, having somewhere comfortable to sit.

There are different options but it is a good idea to choose something which can withstand the weather.

Think about a swinging chair, an adirondack chair, a vintage table and chairs or outdoor lounge set.

Your choice will depend on space and how many people you want to cater for.

You will be sitting back, watching your neighbors in no time. With a glass of wine in hand!

4. Embrace color

Color is not the enemy! However, you do need to consider your theme and stay within your chosen color palette.

Paint your walls, hang some curtains – whatever it takes to create the happy vibe you are looking for.

Go bright with pinks, oranges or yellow for a summery feel. Or, go for greys, greens and browns for a look that says nature.

The colors you choose can change your mood, so it is important to think about the feeling you want to create.

This will likely be seen from the road so it is a good idea to stand back and take a look at your area from a distance.

5. What’s your number?

Your house number can be a feature point of your front porch. Not only will it help the postman find you but it will add a centerpiece to your outdoor design.

Go back to your design theme. Numbers can be accentuated in a variety of ways. Choose something rustic, shabby chic, bright or modern.

This is your chance to add a touch of personality to your outdoor area.

House numbers don’t have to be stuck to the wall. They can be added to pots, rocks, or hang from the roof.

Consider different mediums such as stained glass, glitter, wood, plastic or metal.

The possibilities are endless!

6. Accessorize

Accessories are going to make your area feel like a place to relax. Cushions are comfortable and help to break up the look of more subtle seat colorings.

Add wall hangings, curtains, bean bags and cute side tables. You can buy something new or use your craft skills to create pieces which are truly original.

Again, if they are going to be subjected to the weather you need to keep this in mind.

The best thing about accessories is, if you get bored – you can change them!

7. Light it up

Lighting makes an area feel inviting, and will allow you to enjoy your front porch any time of day or night.

A cost effective way to install lighting with little effort is with solar lights. Plus, they don’t require electricity so they won’t cost you extra money.

Fairy lights are pretty and give a soft glimmer, perfect all year round. Alternatively, lanterns and candles create a unique atmosphere.

Exterior lights can be installed and don’t have to be blindingly bright. Using an automatic sensor design is a good idea for those nights when you come home late.

You may require a qualified electrician for your lighting installation, but it will be worth it. For larger porches, you may consider installing an outdoor fan for your summertime comfort.

8. Knock knock

Your door is the focus of your front porch. You come and go and visitors are aware of it as they walk up your footpath.

Why not use it as a feature?

A splash of paint can make your door look brand new, and you can add accessories for a more homely feel.

Think about wreaths, an unusual door handle, a small window or vintage door knocker.

Finish with a welcoming door mat which complements your design. If your visitors ever want to leave your dreamy front porch and go inside, they can wipe their feet on the way in.

We hope you enjoyed these outdoor decorating tips. Once you are done, you can sit down and relax in your new space.

Does your front porch need a makeover? Or have you recently done some decorating?

We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.

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