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Top 5 Firepit Enhancement Ideas In 2019

The fire pit is one of the best parts of your living space because it is a place to gather everyone together. But when the fire is out and no one is around, the fire pit may seem like a piece of burnt

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Most Common Types Of Paint For Furnitures

Aside from the aesthetics factor, anyone can paint a piece of furniture to personalize, to make it more unique and to make it last longer. The furniture’s finish serves as a protective layer to prolong

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How to build a Fire Pit-A Definitive Guide

Bonfires are always a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends. It’s a great place to share stories, play games, make conversations or to just simply relax under a blanket of stars

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A Complete Buyers Guide To Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are not uncommon to patios. Because they are on the floor, nobody seem to notice or realize it’s there until they step on it. What purpose would you add an outdoor rug on your patio,

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An Ultimate Buying Guide About Chaise Lounge Chair

Choosing new furniture for your patio is often an exciting situation. Furniture manufacturers always come up with new ways to improve life allowing us to sit back and relax with their products.  Now Imagine

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How To Clean And Maintenance Patio Umbrella-A Complete Guide

While we enjoying the fresh air under the shade of our patio we tend to forget that patio umbrellas as well as any of our furnitures need to be cleaned regularly. As durable as it may seem, patio umbrellas

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How To Clean And Maintenance Patio Furniture-A Complete Guide

Unlike your living room furniture, your patio takes in a daily beating from the sun, moisture or any other pollutants that comes along. Over time, your outdoor furniture would show signs of aging, discoloration

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9 Ways To Outdoor Bug Proof

Few things can be as frustrating as when sit out on the patio in your favorite Adirondack chair, peacefully reading a book and a swarm of insects comes your way. You know how you’ll love spending time

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Hammock buyer guide

An Ultimate Buyers Guide to Hammock

Unless you don’t mind sleeping on a towel in your backyard, a hammock is a reasonable and comfortable option for outdoor lounging. Hammocks are the only outdoor lounging option that offers a spot to

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