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Amazing Inground Fire Pit Ideas

If you are in the position to be building an inground fire pit, don’t make any decisions until you read this! A lot of people think that an inground fire pit is just a hole in the ground with an iron

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Is Sitting by a Fire Good for You?

There are few things more memorable than sitting by a bonfire on a chilly night surrounded by those that are closest to you. It feels good, but is sitting by a fire good for you? It turns out that it’s

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best adirondack chairs

Best Adirondack Chairs Reviews And Top Picks In 2019

When you’re in the market to find the best Adirondack chairs for your home, there are countless options available to choose from.However, since there are so many options available, you mig​​ht be

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children's adirondack chair

Top 3 Children’s Plastic Adirondack Chairs For Your Children

Spring is here and summer is not far behind and that means getting outdoors with the family to enjoy the weather. After a great day of playing in the backyard or at the lake, your kids will need a rest

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Best Folding Adirondack Chairs for 2019

It is hard to think of an Adirondack chair without thinking about a lazy Sunday lounging in the backyard. An Adirondack chair can be simply described in a few seconds as a chair with a high back, wide

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Banner_Planter Box

What Kind of Planter Box is Right for You?

No matter if you are planning to decorate indoors or outside, nothing beats live plants. There is something about the color and life in plants that adds an intangible essence to any space. While you can’t

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15 Big Style Ideas for Small Patios

Space issues, poor planning, or personal preference are all reasons why a home has a small patio. Just because your patio space is small doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style or comfort. These

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Best Backyard Firepit-The Complete Buyers Guide for 2019

One of the highlights for summer is sitting outside by a cozy fire in the backyard. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows or simply enjoying the company of family and friends, there’s nothing quite

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Buyer's Guide Patio Umbrella

Best Patio Umbrella Reviews And Buying Guide

There’s nothing that adds functionality to a patio like an umbrella. By adding an umbrella to your patio, you can extend it’s used on the days that it is typically too bright or rainy to be out

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Is it Better to Paint or Stain Adirondack Chairs?

Is it Better to Paint or Stain Adirondack Chairs? Wood Adirondack chairs are one of the best seating options you can choose for your outdoor living space. They are beautiful, durable, and with the proper

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