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adirondack chairs

Everything You Wanted To Know About Adirondack Chairs

If there is one chair that gives you the sense of coziness and relaxation while having a rustic feel, it’s got to be Adirondack chairs. You most commonly see these chairs on beaches and on the porches

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Design your backyard

Designing your backyard can be both daunting and exciting. To make your landscaping project manageable, it really helps if you divide up your yard into functional zones. Consider a backyard that serves

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How to Build Adirondack Chair

How to Build An Adirondack Chair- A Step By Step Guide

Adirondack chairs have been used for many years across the world as outdoor furniture. Their excellent design, simple construction and durability have earned them a storied reputation across the globe.

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balcony design

10 Summer Friendly Balcony Design Ideas

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start spending time in those outdoor spaces that have been neglected all winter long. Everyone loves the sun, heat and vitamin D during the summer

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front porch

8 Decorating Tips for Creating a Dreamy Front Porch

The first thing people see when they visit your home is your front porch. If you want this space to be dreamy and a place for relaxation, it is time to get your DIY gloves on. 8 Tips for Decorating your

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fire pit

How to Design the Perfect Fire Pit for Entertaining

Imagine sitting around a relaxing fire with your friends, toasting to a summer night, or warming up on a chilly fall evening. Now imagine doing that in your own backyard. With a fire pit, that dream can

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