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Best Patio Umbrella Reviews And Buying Guide

[Updated May 2019] There’s nothing that adds functionality to a patio like an umbrella. By adding an umbrella to your patio, you can extend it’s used on the days that it is typically too bright or rainy to be out on the patio. Below we have the key considerations to make when looking to purchase the best patio umbrella for your needs.

Shopping for patio umbrellas

There are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for a patio umbrella. Making sure to look at all of the potential features of a patio umbrella will help you ensure that you are able to get an umbrella that will meet all of your needs and extend the use of your patio.


Footprint of Patio Umbrella

One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing a patio umbrella is the amount of space that you need it to cover and the amount of space you are able to dedicate to a patio umbrella. Consider both how much space you want the umbrella you want to cover and how much space you are willing to sacrifice for the stand of the umbrella. While it may be tempting to make sure that the entire patio is covered, the amount of space used by the stand that will keep the umbrella standing.

Budget for a Patio Umbrella

The next thing you will want to consider is the budget you have for a patio umbrella. Consider what kind of umbrella you are looking for and how much you are able to spend.

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Pole height of a Patio Umbrella

You will also want to consider the height of the umbrella you want for space. This will impact both the amount of space the umbrella is able to cover and the comfort of your guests on the patio. You will want to consider whether the umbrella will be used to cover a specific area like a table or if it will be used to cover the patio in general.

Planned Use for a Patio Umbrella

Think about what kind of whether you want the umbrella to protect you and your guests from. Is your climate windier? Or sunnier? Also, think about what kind of entertaining it will be used for. Whether you will be having bigger crowds that will stand under the umbrella or if it will be used to cover a small patio for your family.

Best Patio Umbrella’s 2018

Tommy Bahama 7 ft Umbrella

best patio umbrellaThis is a great budget-friendly option. This umbrella is perfect for sharing at the beach with family and friends. While branded for use at the beach, this umbrella can also be used in the grass as well. The Tommy Bahama umbrella has a sand anchor that can be used on either sand or turf so that it can be used in a variety of places. While not a classic patio umbrella, this is an umbrella that can be used for the same purposes.

This is a great umbrella for transportability. Made for the beach, this umbrella is lightweight and includes a carrying bag.


Sunnyglade 9’ Patio Umbrella

patio umbrellaAnother budget-friendly option, this umbrella has a lot of great features. The Sunnyglade is both UV resistant and waterproof so it is sure to protect any patio party from threatening weather. It is easy to both open and tilt so that you and your guests are able to have the ideal coverage whether you’re dealing with glaring sun or trying to rescue a barbeque from a drizzly day.

With a nine-foot diameter, this umbrella is able to cover a large table or a large section of your patio to keep your guest’s comfortable no matter what the weather.

The important thing to keep in mind with this umbrella is that the base is sold separately. While this can add into whatever you have allowed for your budget for a new patio umbrella, this also means that you can get a base that will fit your needs.

If, for example, you will be using the umbrella with a table, you might be able to get a smaller base since the table will be able to help support the umbrella. If, on the other hand, you are looking to use the umbrella to simply cover a portion of the patio for general seating or people who will be standing at a party, you will want to look for a larger, heavier base so that the umbrella has the appropriate support in the wind.

This umbrella also comes in several different colors which gives you a lot of options for matching your home and décor.

While this umbrella is made to stand up to rain and sun and is built for durability, keep in mind that if you live in a climate where there are very heavy winds, this may not be the umbrella for you. Alternatively, there is also the option of bringing the umbrella in if the weather is looking particularly bad and you are concerned that the umbrella may not hold up.


Abba Outdoor Patio Umbrella

patio umbrellaAnother 9-foot umbrella, the Abba Outdoor Patio Umbrella boasts a rust-free powder coated aluminum pole and steel ribs for extra durability and weather protection. This umbrella is both UV and water resistant and the solution-dyed polyester is made to withstand over 1000 hours of UV exposure while remaining colorfast. That means that this umbrella will keep its true colors for party after party.

The Abba is also easy to use. The crank mechanism and tilt features are built to make the umbrella easily adjustable so that you are able to keep all of your guests comfortable regardless of what the weather throws at you.  

Unfortunately, this umbrella does not include a base. While this means that you can buy a base to customize the umbrella for your climate and how you intend to use it, it also means that you will want to factor in the price of a base when you are considering how much you want to invest in a new patio umbrella.


Sorbus LED Outdoor Umbrella

patio umbrellaThis umbrella knows how to help with the party! Equipped with LED lights underneath, The Sorbus LED Outdoor Umbrella has you covered long after the sun goes down to add ambiance to your late night party. This umbrella also has a 10-foot diameter, which means that this umbrella also offers to cover more of your party as well.

The Sorbus is also built to be easy to use. It has both a classic crank for opening and closing the umbrella and an adjustable tilt function to make sure it blocks the sun at just the right angle.

Another great feature of this umbrella is that the lights don’t need to be plugged in! The lights are solar-powered. This makes the umbrella both easier to use, since you don’t have to try to plug it in, and it has a smaller carbon footprint since it is powered by the sun. While the solar panel will need 6-7 hours to charge, you will also get 6-7 hours of light off of a single charge of the panel, which means that your party will be well-lit late into the night.

This umbrella is also versatile. It can be used on its own or with a table. While it does not come with a base, there are many base options to make sure you are able to get the stability that you need to keep your umbrella stable.


Abba Patio Rectangular Offset Cantilever Umbrella

patio umbrellaWhile this umbrella is on the higher end of the price spectrum, it can truly do it all. This umbrella has an offset design which makes it easy to use both for table coverage or for general patio coverage. With 8×10 coverage, the rectangular Abba is able to cover a table with 6-8 chairs so that you are able to entertain without worrying that someone won’t be covered by the umbrella if the sun gets too bright.

This umbrella is built to last with an aluminum pole and steel ribs so that it’s able to stand up to party after party. It is also easy to clean and fade resistant than it looks great at the beginning of the summer as well as at the end.

While this umbrella does come with a stand, you will want to make sure you get weights as well. Without weights to go around the stand of the umbrella, there isn’t a lot to keep it in place if there were a gust of wind. Keep in mind that even if you use this umbrella in an area that is relatively sheltered from the wind, you will still want weights to make sure that the umbrella doesn’t do any damage if it were taken by the wind.

Keep in mind that since this umbrella is in the “offset” category, it will not have the same rotating and tilting features of other umbrellas. This means that if you’re looking to be able to adjust the umbrella with the angle of the sun, this may not be the best option. If, however, you’ve got a patio that has one sunny spot where you and your guests will need some shade, then this might be the perfect umbrella for you.


Start Shopping for a Patio Umbrella

While there are a lot of options available for patio umbrellas, the shopping process doesn’t have to be difficult. By looking at your needs and determining your budget, it can be easy to narrow down the playing field. Before you know it, you’ll just be deciding what color!


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