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An Ultimate Buyers Guide to Hammock

Unless you don’t mind sleeping on a towel in your backyard, a hammock is a reasonable and comfortable option for outdoor lounging. Hammocks are the only outdoor lounging option that offers a spot to relax and unwind in your backyard or patio, without someone thinking you are crazy. But you need a hammock buyer’s guide because hammocks come in various styles and sizes and they are made using various materials.hammock buyer's guide

Finding the Best Hammock Size for You

Most hammocks measure between 9 and 14 feet in length. If you are much taller than that, you may want to look for a longer hammock. Apart from the length, you need it to be wide enough to hold your full size. Most hammocks have widths that range between 4 feet and 9 feet.  

Some hammocks only hold one or two people while other hammocks can accommodate more than two people. A hammock’s support setup can weigh from 7 ounces to several pounds. Hammock beds can support weights ranging from 150 to 500 pounds. Despite the high weight capacity, avoid jumping onto hammocks because that may damage them.

The ideal height of a hammock depends on the spreader bars or the type of suspension system it uses. Choose a hammock that leaves 14 to 24 inches between the lowest height of the hammock (when not in use) and the ground.

If you are still unsure about what hammock will work for you, just pick the biggest hammock that you can reasonably afford.


Hammock Suspension System

When thinking about the size of the hammock, you should also need to consider the suspension system. Different hammocks have different suspension system methods. While the suspension system determines the aesthetic of the hammock, its main function is to safely suspend the bed.

Generally, to hang a hammock you may need ropes, carabiners, straps, and knots. But for your backyard, our hammock buyer’s guide recommends a system that includes carabiners to attach the anchoring hardware or suspension frame to the hammock itself. A hammock with more attachment points allows for versatility in placement and setup.

Web straps and nylon ropes have proven to be reliable suspension system methods.

Types of Hammocks

There are several types of hammocks and they include:

Fabric Hammocks

These are often designed to provide the highest level of comfort and are the best for cold regions or during cold weather. Fabric hammocks can be made from cotton, canvas or polyester. Cotton hammocks are often soft and breathable but are not weatherproof.

Canvas hammocks are also a great option if you are looking for sturdiness, durability and low maintenance. People choose polyester hammocks because they are not only durable but can also resist wear and tear from the weather. Hammocks made from Sunbrella® fabric are weather resistant and also and also resist color fade.

hammock buyer's guide

Rope Hammocks

If you live in humid regions or want to lounge outside during humid conditions, rope hammocks may be your best choice. Their loose woven style allows air to flow freely through the hammock. They are comfortable and naturally stretch after a long period of time.

You will also appreciate the fact that their webbed surface does not accumulate leaves and other debris.  There are cotton rope hammocks, and polyester hammocks and DuraCord® rope hammocks. Cotton hammocks are soft and comfortable, but polyester hammocks are weather resistant and require low maintenance.

hammock buyer's guide

DuraCord® rope hammocks are extremely durable and are resistant to fading, stains, mildew as well as being quick-drying and non-absorbent.

Hammock chairs

They are meant for sitting upright and are an ideal alternative to full-sized hammocks.  They are less prone to flipping and are more stable. These hammocks are constructed using the same materials used for standard hammocks.

Check Out a Few of these fantastic hammocks

Sportneer Double Camping Hammock

hammock buyer's guideFor comfort, the hammock is made with soft quilted polyester fabric and a pillow that buttons. For extra momentum, it has a hardwood spreader bar that allows you to rock away and relax under the warm embrace of the sun. The bed is suspended using strong cotton ropes that resist wear and tear.

The Sportneer Double Hammock is sturdy and spacious and measures 127 inches in length and 55 inches in width. It has a weight capacity of 450 pounds which is enough to hold two average adults. This could be a great addition to your backyard, however, some people may not like the multi-colored striping of the bed.

Lazy Daze Hammock

hammock buyer's guideThe Lazy Daze is made of double-layered quilted polyester with inner padding and a polyethylene stuffing head pillow. Thick, handcrafted polyester ropes provide the bed with balance and strength and also add to its distinctive character.  Its spreader bar measures 55 inches and is made of solid hardwood in an oil-rubbed finish.

The oil-rubbed finish protects the spreader bar from rot, mold or mildew and also gives it a stylish look. The hammock measures 78 inches long (true length without ropes) and 55 inches wide.  Since it can support a weight capacity of 450 pounds, two average adults can comfortably lay on it without a worry in the world.

The bed’s manufacturer also provides single bed options and also a 15-foot heavy-duty steel hammock stand that is sold separately.

Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair

hammock buyer's guideThis provides you with the feel of a hammock bed while you sit upright. The Sorbus hammock is suspended on a hanging rope swing that can hang anywhere and can easily be relocated. It can be used in balconies, decks, backyards and more. It is made of sturdy cotton and polyester fabric.

It is machine washable and suitable for all ages as it can hold up to a weight of 250 pounds. However, you will have to buy the hanging hardware separately.


Best Choice Products Woven Cotton Rope Double Hammock

hammock buyer's guideMade of 900 feet of twisted heavy-duty cotton rope, this hammock can hold up to two people. It is ideal for relaxing on any outdoor patio or backyard setting. It is not just comfortable, but also durable.

It has hardwood spreaders and metal rings on the end to provide a stable bed that does not flip easily. It measures 80 inches in length, 59 inches in width and has a weight capacity of 450 pounds. You can pair this hammock with a similarly branded adjustable hammock stand.

The hammock comes with a carrying case.


Hammock Maintenance and Care

A hammock buyer’s guide is not complete without discussing the care and maintenance of hammocks.  To properly care and maintain your hammock do the following:

  • Never lay or sit on the edge of the hammock because that can flip it over
  • Clean the hammocks made from rope with a simple detergent and water solution. Soak the hammock in water and use a bristle brush to scrub it
  • Avoid exceeding the recommended weight limit of your hammock
  • Keep the spreader bars away from water
  • Store your hammock in a dry climate-controlled environment
  • Install your hammock in a shaded area so that it is not exposed to the sun

Hammock Conclusion

Most people do not know that hammocks are actually suspended beds that can be more comfortable than regular beds. When you are shopping for a hammock, make sure:

  • It is stitched with high-quality fabric
  • It comes with durable hammock hooks or carabiners
  • It has a weight limit capacity that you prefer
  • It can easily be cleaned

You should also know that there are hammocks that do not have spreader bars. They are just as comfortable but do not require as much accuracy and rigidity in hanging as hammocks with spreader bars do. If you have a question or just want to add more information to our hammock buyer’s guide, do so in the comment section below.

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