How To Clean And Maintenance Patio Umbrella-A Complete Guide

While we enjoying the fresh air under the shade of our patio we tend to forget that patio umbrellas as well as any of our furnitures need to be cleaned regularly. As durable as it may seem, patio umbrellas show their age when not properly cared for. It can be a tough job but is very much an essential to prolong the life and elegance of your umbrella.


  • Always check maintenance and care instructions from the furnitures manufacturer.
  • Always wear protective instruments while working with chemicals or loose particles.
  • Perform cleaning, especially painting on a space with as low humidity as possible.


Your patio umbrella canopy stands as a frontliner against the sun’s UV rays and rain. Needless to say, it takes in quite a beating from the elements. It will likely degrade as it accumulates dust and dirt from pollutants from the air and other sources.


Soak the canopy on a large basin filled with lukewarm water for about 15 -20 minutes to soften dirt and grime build-ups.

Cleaning Agent:

1 cup Powdered Detergent for every gallon of lukewarm water. Using a rag soaked in cleaning agent scrub any visible marks as you would when hand washing clothing.


Fabric Cleaning Agent:

1/2 cup Vinegar

1 cup Powdered Detergent

For every gallon of lukewarm water

Synthetic Cleaning Agent:

1/2 cup Baking Soda

1/2 cup Vinegar

1 cup Powdered Detergent for every gallon of lukewarm water.  With cleaning agent on a spray bottle, spray affected surface areas.

Let the fluid penetrate for about 5 minutes.


Use Chlorine Bleach ONLY as a last resort. Expect discoloration and thread weakening when this chemical is used.

Using an old toothbrush, patiently and lightly scrub-off concentrated dirt and grime left out from basic cleaning.

Repeat the process dirt is completely removed.


Remove dirty water from washing and replace with clean water.

Soak canopy completely and leave for about 5 minutes while moving the canopy from time to time to remove cleaning agent from the material.

Repeat the rinse process until the water is left clear of soap bubbles or murkiness.


The frame of your patio umbrella can be a variety of material such as wood, metal or plastic. Whatever material your frame is made of, it’s likely to have a top coating (ie, paint, varnish or stain) that the manufacturer used to protect it from the elements such as sun, moisture or dust. Watch out for signs of wrinkling, cracking or discoloration on this coating as it likely to grow in size if not prevented.


Cleaning Agent:

1 cup Dishwashing Liquid

for every gallon of lukewarm water

With cleaning agent on a spray bottle, spray surfaces while wiping off grease and grime with a damp rag.

Dry out with a clean dry rag.

Use an old toothbrush to reach crevices and hard to reach areas.

Avoid leaving fluid on surfaces for too long as it can soften the finish.


In case of wrinkling, cracking or discoloration on the coating:

Sand out affected areas with fine grit sandpaper until the actual material is visible.

Make sure to dry the area thoroughly and touch-up with a similar finish as possible.


Open the frame wide to access all moving parts of your umbrella.

Using aerosol oil, spray all hinges and moving parts while wiping out overspray with a clean rag.

Close the frame and open a few times to let the oil penetrate hinges and moving parts.




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