Are These High Price Adirondack Chairs Worth the Price?

Are These High Price Adirondack Chairs Worth the Price?

[Updated on 1 June 2020] Adirondack chairs are the ultimate in luxury backyard lounging. Even the cheapest of Adirondack chairs are much more expensive than a traditional lawn chair that you buy at a big box home store. Just like any product, there are varying degrees in prices depending on style and the types of materials used. Adirondack chairs all pretty much have the same style, so it is the material, craftsmanship, and convenience that make the big difference in price. The big question is, are these high price Adirondack chairs worth the price?

Westminster Teak Adirondack Chair

1_WestminsterTeakAdirondackChairWith shipping, this chair is nearly $2,000. When you can buy a wood Adirondack chair for ten percent of that, it is hard to believe that a chair could be worth that much. One look at the chair will have you believing that it is. It has a stylish design that keeps the traditional look of an Adirondack chair but somehow makes it more contemporary. Its mixture of old and new looks is beneficial because this chair comes with a lifetime warranty.
What really tips the scales and makes this chair worth the hefty price tag is the Teak wood is made from. Teak is highly sought after wood for outdoor furniture because it is resistant to weather and environmental hazards like insects and UV light. Teak continues to excrete a protecting oil long after it is cut and shaped into a beautiful chair like this one. The other reason that this chair costs a little more is the seamless footstool that comes along with the chair to maximize its look and comfort.

Why It’s Worth It

  • Will Never Rot
  • Timeless Look
  • Matching Footstool

Giant Adirondack Chair

GiantAdirondackChairIt is easy to see why this chair costs more; it’s massive. This chair will easily be the centerpiece of your backyard decor standing six feet tall and four feet wide they can fit a whole family if you want to get cozy. Though they are meant more for novelty than function, these are real chairs, and the makers will even customize the paint job for you for a little extra cash. If you have space and money, these would be a fun addition to a backyard or a great promotional piece for the front of a business.

Why It’s Worth It

  • One Chair Fits Multiple People/Pets
  • Great for Advertising
  • Conversation Piece for Backyard Decor

Adirondack Swivel Chairs

Adirondack-Swivel-ChairsSometimes a chair is more expensive because it offers something that other chairs don’t. These unique chairs are traditional Adirondack chairs up top but traded the traditional legs for barstool legs. These are awesome chairs for an outdoor bar that combine comfort and functionality with style. You can tell just from the look of these chairs that they are solidly built with heavy-duty hardware. The recycled plastic material used to make this chair is weather and insect resistant, so these chairs will last a lifetime.

Why It’s Worth It

  • Unique Design
  • Lasts a Lifetime
  • Perfect for Bars

Central Coast Creations Wine Barrel Chairs

CentralCoastCreationsWineBarrelChairsThe price may be high, but the chairs are absolutely beautiful. They are just like traditional Adirondack chairs, but they are handcrafted using wine barrels. This unique material makes for a look, unlike any other in both shape and color. That is only the beginning with these classy chairs. They have a sharp design that lends itself just as much to decoration as it does to function. The armrests are constructed with a built-in wine glass holder, which makes these chairs nearly perfect. This particular set happens to come with a matching side table, which makes it even more desirable.

Why It’s Worth It

  • Unparalleled Color and Texture
  • Built-In Wine Glass Holder
  • Matching Side Table

Summer Classics Ashland Teak Adirondack

SummerClassicsAshlandTeakAdirondackThe beauty of this chair is how simple it is. It sports a modern design that would be almost unrecognizable as an Adirondack chair if it wasn’t for the slatted back and slanted back legs. There are plenty of features that make this chair a luxury item, including multiple finishes, a high-quality cushion that comes in different colors and fabric styles. The most important attribute of this chair is that it is made from Teak wood, which is exceptionally environmentally resistant and will last generations.

Why It’s Worth It

  • Teak Resists Weather and Bugs
  • Customizable Seat Cushion
  • Timeless Look

LuxCraft Recycled Plastic 5′ Adirondack Glider Chair

LuxCraftRecycledPlastic5AdirondackGliderChairThis is another unique take on the classic Adirondack chair. The main reason why this chair is so expensive is that it’s two chairs in one. It uses the traditional slatted back of an Adirondack with the gliding function of a rocking chair. It comes with a fold-down armrest and center console that separates the two seats. It is made using recycled plastic materials that make it durable and resistant to whatever the outside has to throw at it. The material also has the benefit of being colored to fit your personal style.

Why It’s Worth It

  • Multiple Seats and Storage
  • Durable
  • Multiple Colors to Match Individual Style

Loll Designs Westport Adirondack

7_LollDesignsWestportAdirondackThis chair looks expensive with its futuristic design with sleek straight lines and no visual hardware. It’s made with recycled plastic, which makes it durable and allows for a variety of colors to meet your style. These chairs come with matching seat cushions made from high-quality fabric. The Westport chair is fairly simple, but that is one of its major appeals.

Why It’s Worth It

  • Futuristic Design
  • Quality Materials
  • Multiple Colors to Match Individual Style

Oversized Natural Chair

8_OversizedNaturalChairSometimes less is more, which is the case with this chair. It is an unfinished beauty that captures the essence of Adirondack chairs. It uses durable hardware with tough cedar to create a natural look that will last for ages. The chair is great by itself, but the ability to finish it the way you want to means that the options are endless for customizing style. This chair comes with a 30 day no questions asked return policy so you can try it out before you commit to a chair with this price tag.

Why It’s Worth It

  • Natural and Classic
  • Meant to Last for Generations
  • 30 Day Return Policy

Double Balcony Adirondack Chair

DoubleBalconyAdirondackChairOne look will tell you that this chair costs more because it’s more than just a simple chair. This double chair has the classic slatted back of an Adirondack but trades in the slanted legs for a bench style with a footrest. Since this unique chair is made using recycled plastics, it is weather and insect resistant and will last a lifetime or more. The other nice feature of plastic chairs is that they come in a variety of colors to match your individual style.

Why It’s Worth It

  • Unique Design Seats Two
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Colors to Fit All Preferences

Swivel Glider Chair

SwivelGliderChairThis is the ultimate in hybrid Adirondack chairs. The swivel glider has a classic Adirondack look, but as the name suggests, it both swivels and rocks for ultimate comfort. It is made from the same recycled plastic that many other brands are made from, so it is resistant to all weather conditions and insects. Usually, a chair like this would come with more color options, but the makers of this chair try to stick with more traditional faux wood options. Though there are a lot of moving parts, these chairs are built tough and will last for generations.

Why It’s Worth It

  • Swivel and Glide for Ultimate Comfort
  • Recycled Plastic Body Means Lifetime Durability
  • Looks More Like Real Wood

Are They Worth It

If you have the expendable income, all of these chairs are worth it in their own ways. Most of these chairs are more expensive because they do something that a traditional Adirondack chair does not. It comes down to personal preference and what you are looking for out of a chair to decide whether the price tag makes or breaks these amazing chairs.