Western Red Cedar Wood Has a Surprising Number of Benefits

Western Red Cedar Wood Has a Surprising Number of Benefits

Western red cedar (Thuja occidentalis) is prized for its attractive appearance and practical advantages. It’s a popular material for outdoor furniture, such as tables and chairs and indoor furniture. Western cedar is sometimes regarded as a “premium” grade of hardwood, which is understandable. It has several features that are unique to hardwoods.

Dimensional Stability

Western cedar wood’s lesser-known advantage is its high degree of dimensional stability. What exactly does this signify? The fluctuations in size and form of the wood are called “dimensional instability.” Changes in the environment will alter the size and shape of all types of wood. Wood swells because it absorbs moisture into its pores when exposed to humid conditions. However, wood that is left in a dry environment with little-to-no humidity will shrink. Western cedar has minimal variation because of its natural resistance to temperature and moisture.


Western Cedar Wood, of course, is exceptionally light in weight, weighing less than many other “premium” types of wood. The low density of this material contributes to its distinct look. Western Cedar Wood is a beautiful option for furniture and furnishings since it can grow anywhere in the world.

Resistant to Rot and Decay

Outdoor furniture made from Western Cedar Wood has been popular since ancient times. Unlike many other kinds of wood; Western cedar is resistant to rot and decay, making it suitable for the production of practical outdoor furniture. It’s still unclear why and how western cedar can rot-proof. However, the secret to its success was later discovered to be a unique naturally occurring oil contained within the oil. This oil has antibacterial and antifungal characteristics that prevent deterioration.

Stylish Color and Appearance

There’s no denying that western cedar is one of the most beautiful hardwoods on the planet. It has a pale tan color that’s neither too dark nor too light, as well as subtle, defined streaks.


Western cedar wood’s advantages don’t stop there, either. This special wood type has a lovely; relaxing scent that isn’t found in other hardwoods. It’s become such a popular scent that many candles, diffusers, and incense are scented with it. But don’t take my word for it; try it out yourself. Take a whiff of an actual western cedar chair or piece of furniture to see for yourself.


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