Buyers Guide of Backyard Giant Jenga

Playing games is one of the most effective methods to battle boredom. And as they say, ‘bigger is better. Backyard Giant Jenga is an ideal representation of this mantra in the game context. It’s a thrilling and absorbing game that holds players’ attention so much that they don’t want to stop playing. Gym theme (fitness) – Page: 4 – Bodybuilding, fitness – Sports – FORUM Los clubs Avana 100 mg sale Spain home gym multifunction black gorilla sports – full bodyweight machine with articulated pulley

The game aims to construct a tower-like structure by stacking blocks up to a specific height. Next, they take turns pulling the blocks through the entire structure without dropping them. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Backyard Giant Jenga is one of our top Summer Backyard Family Games since it may be played in the yard, at a pub, or even on a rickety table in a garage (but you should avoid playing in a moving vehicle)!

Another benefit is that the game comes in a large pack. Manufacturers generally ship the game’s accessories in sturdy boxes or carriers to guarantee that players don’t have trouble carrying them from one location to another. The convenience of this is that you may now take your massive Jenga with you on your travels!

One of the greatest features of playing any version of Jenga is that, unlike most social games with more than two players, there is only one loser in Jenga, and the rest of the players are “Winners.” The game adds suspense because there are many winners as players try to avoid suffering defeat!

The game meets all the prerequisites for fun, strategy, and replayability. The game is simple to play. Players alternate removing blocks from the tower and replacing them on top of the pile. The loser is the one who knocks down the tower. The key is to remove the block without moving your hand; thus, using quick pulls has more dangers, but they provide the greatest results.

It’s easy to understand why we’re such big fans of the game when you consider how popular Jenga is becoming in the backyard and local microbrewery circles.

While the game’s massive size and weight may be difficult to manage, those willing to carry and set up the game will be pleased since they will enjoy all of the game’s excitement and pleasure.

Our Top Picks

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

The yard Games Giant is a fantastic way for the entire family or group to have fun together. This game pack is particularly made for indoor/outdoor activities and maybe utilized at gatherings such as camping, parties, BBQs, and so on.

It has a total of 56 timber blocks (two spare parts). This is just enough for making a 2-meter feet high tower. The extra space you have available, the better. This adds to the excitement of the game.

The Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers includes a high-quality, long-lasting nylon case to keep all of the components in one place. You would not have to worry about the pieces getting lost or having to carry the bag.

  • Each starter kit comes with 56 hands sanded, dried, and prepared bricks with a smooth surface.
  • Bricks are made of hard pine that doesn’t easily dent.
  • The pieces are just the right size.
  • Extra blocks for building stronger base layers are included.
  • High-quality and stylish nylon case to keep pieces in one place.
  • It is relatively easy and allows quick setup.
  • Some blocks have sharp edges that can cause cuts.
  • The nylon case’s zipper may be easily broken.
  • Players receive a wet box with bricks not dry enough on some occasions.

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers is the present top choice among giant Jenga sets, and for a solid reason. It has a lot of good reviews, and I also suggest it. It’s the greatest thing ever.


Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

Choosing high-quality and genuine Jenga games is getting more difficult. This is because in part of the growing number of available knock-off Jenga games. We completed the project, but only after using our Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Stacking Game (which is number two on our ranking).

The Jenga Giant JS7 is the largest hardwood stacking game currently available, and it’s also a licensed Jenga product. Hardwood Playing Blocks are carefully crafted to be precise and polished. Although the bricks are smaller than those in Jenga, they are still nearly 15 times the volume of a normal Jenga block.

The game commonly starts at 2 feet high and can be as high as 5 feet during gameplay!

Fun hack: Write on blocks and make the game even more fun by writing things on the blocks.

The games come with a sturdy travel bag for simple carrying and a sports tournament chart. So you can fight to be the champion of Jenga in your garage.

It must be noted that this set is slightly more expensive than the other options on this list. The price tag indicates receiving an officially licensed and branded Jenga game.

  • Best choice for building skyscrapers of 5 feet and above.
  • It includes heavy-duty storage and carrying unit.
  • The pieces are precision cut, sanded, handcrafted, squared, and well-polished hardwood products.
  • Classic Jenga brand and quality.
  • It comes with tournament charts to make the play more competitive.
  • An excellent option for large group games.
  • There are many fakes of this particular set. Players can be cheated.
  • The blocks are very heavy, so they may not be suitable for small children at all.
  • The blocks are not waterproof; they must be stored in dry places.

The Jenga Giant JS7 is ideal for outdoor games with friends, family, or coworkers. The quality of the bar and the height of over 5 feet make it even more fun.


GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

This impressive Jenga game has eighteen rows and can reach the 5ft mark and beyond. This is an excellent choice for experienced players who feel that a five-foot tower isn’t enough!

The company has a good track record of producing high-quality outdoor games. Another example is the Jenga game set that they have.

One of the features of this pack is the quality of its blocks. According to GoSports, the bars were built up from top-notch pine and carefully polished. Players do not have to worry about possible injuries caused by bar splintering during play.

As an added bonus, this set comes with a special board on which players may write new rules to make the game more complicated and interesting.

  • Allows for alternative gameplay ideas.
  • Excellent quality blocks.
  • Color varieties make the game more colorful.
  • It comes in convenient and long-lasting carrying units for easy carriage.
  • Best choice for players aiming for excellence and trying to add more creativity to the game.
  • It comes with a board to keep score and numbered blocks to add new rules.
  • Heavy blocks.
  • The friction between the pieces makes it difficult to remove the blocks.
  • The block’s weight and dimensions are not consistent.

This GoSports edition is highly recommended for anyone who wants to get high-quality products and set new records.

This set is best for outdoor parties where you want to create a statement! Younger players should be supervised, and players should attempt to protect their feet until playing to avoid injury from falling blocks. This set is perfect for making a statement outside!


Splinter Woodworking Co. Giant Tower Game

The representation of the good old Jenga is a unique pack. It does not include a bag to carry the components, but it comes with a storage crate that may serve as a gaming table. Great idea! This will save you the constantly recurring problem of looking for a flat surface when playing outside of Jenga. Also, the problem of bag burst, zipper break, etc., is not associated with this pack.

The weight of the blocks is another remarkable feature that sets this option apart from all the others on the list. Giant Jenga games are commonly heavy, but this one is an exception. The lightweight, portable device measures around 5 feet tall and weighs only 25 pounds.

All the characteristics stated above make this option worthy of this list with the top-notch quality of the bricks.

  • Light blocks compared to other Jenga games.
  • 60 pieces.
  • It includes crates for proper and better storage.
  • Quick setup.
  • The pine blocks are smooth. This allows for an excellent slip.
  • Manufacturers give a lifetime warranty for a pack.
  • Thin bricks
  • A bit more expensive than similar packs.

Overall, this game is accessible to anybody and can be enjoyed by anybody, so that it may be recommended to anybody and everybody.

The game’s producers also offer a lifetime guarantee on the game.

This choice is ideal for all occasions as it comes with sturdy storage crates and lightweight blocks.


Tailgating Pros Giant Wooden Tumbling Timbers

This game is excellent for a large group of people to play together. With this collection, players may build a 60-block tower with more than 20 rows ranging up to 5 feet and above. This Jenga set is ideal for outdoor parties such as picnics, barbecues, birthdays, and weddings.

The game is not suitable for children under the age of 6, but the whole family can join in and construct the highest tower.

  • The kit is appropriate for a large group of players.
  • Smooth wooden components for better play.
  • The kit comes at a reasonable price (an excellent bargain).
  • Completely blank pieces.
  • Comes with heavy-duty storage and carrying case.
  • Kit doesn’t wear out quickly.
  • All oversized details are made of pine.
  • The pack weighs about 25 pounds.
  • The bricks are not of good quality.

The blocks in this kit have a tendency to crack when dropped on hard surfaces. This may be avoided by building the tower on the lawn. However, cracks in the bricks can be filled with ordinary glue.


History of Jenga

Leslie Scott, a game designer from Ghana, invented Jenga in the 1970s. She made it, and she and her family enjoyed playing it together at the time. Jenga arrived in North America in 1986, and since then, it has grown in popularity throughout the world.

Jenga is made of 54 blocks, traditionally made of hardwood. The name “Jenga” comes from Swahili, which means “to build.” The alder trees are used to create modern wooden blocks. They grow mainly in the northwestern regions of the United States. Some contemporary versions of the game use plastic or cardboard for the blocks.

The World record is held by Robert Grebler for the tallest Jenga tower with two blocks on the top level, who built a 40-tier structure with two blocks. The record was established in the year 1985.

Five reasons for playing Jenga

  • It is very simple and easy to play with, and even kids can understand it
  • The game allows for creativity as it can be adapted in many ways
  • Intense and unpredictable gameplay may occur
  • It helps in providing good communication skills and healthy relationships
  • It’s loaded with joy and adventure

Several therapists have used the game to educate speech, language, and social communication skills in many different ways. This indicates that the game has great significance. Jenga is rapidly growing in popularity among schools, playrooms, and many caregiving centers. There is not much competition in the game since it is so enjoyable. That is why there are so many options.

How to play Jenga

Begin by constructing your Jenga tower on a flat surface. This is accomplished by stacking three-block layers, one on top of the other; each layer is built in a different direction.

The players alternate turns to remove blocks from the tower. Players use one hand to remove blocks from a layer above an unfinished layer. You are allowed to test the blocks for looseness regardless of what the other players may say. You have to put the block on the tower top after successfully removing a block from the tower. After ten seconds, the next player may take his turn. Whoever knocks down the tower loses.

Best Ideas for playing and Customizing Jenga

The Jenga is a smooth, rectangular tower constructed of wooden blocks. Each and every level of the tower is arranged at a right angle to the one before it. The game’s beauty is in its elegance and simplicity. Players must carefully remove a wooden block from a level and then place it on top of the tower. Everyone plays in turn, and the higher the tower gets, the lower it is until it finally falls. Then you reassemble the block and start all over again. It’s not the conclusion of the game when the tower falls; instead, it’s a signal to start all over again. It’s the game that follows the game.

But, rather than settling for simple and attractive, there are five additional methods to enhance your game experience even more.

Play Backyard Giant Jenga

You do not have to limit the fun to the coffee table in your living room. And you can enjoy it in the yard, in the garage, or anywhere and you can play Jenga with friends in the yard. You can also enjoy it with some adult beverages. Backyard Giant Jenga comes in various huge sizes, with some packs measuring more than 5 feet tall. There’s also a cardboard version that reaches up to 8 feet high and is great for outdoor use.

Crack the Whip

You may also channel your inner Indiana Jones, or if you prefer, Backyard Giant Jenga. You can crack a whip in the direction of the tower block to help you find it. The aim is to remove the blocks with your whip without falling down the tower. There are only a few whip artists that have mastered this art. This is done by aiming the eyelashes at the tower blocks and removing the blocks one by one. The whip artists are Adam Winrich, the world’s Guinness record holder for removing the most Jenga blocks in a minute using a whip. He was able to remove seven. April Choi also plays Jenga with a whip over the fire. Try to beat those feats.

Play with Robots

Are you believe you have what it takes to compete against robots? MIT researchers have done this. According to a Journal of Science Robotics report, it’s not easy to teach a robot to learn using visual and tactile input. Researchers led by Nima Fazeli built and tested their robots against two other Jenga-playing robots. Team Fazeli’s robot was the quickest at moving blocks and putting them on top of the tower on different attempts.

Make Jenga Uncomfortable or Educational

Who does not want to write on those smooth wooden blocks? Ask any youngster with a Jenga set and markers. However, you may take control of the content you write on the blocks. You can turn it into a game of truth or dare (or maybe just demolish it). Whatever is stated on the other side of the block that is removed will be carried out by the player who pulls it off.

Play Jenga Backward

This method is for true Backyard Giant Jenga lovers. The tower is built without the middle blocks. Therefore each tier has only two blocks. Then you use only one hand to insert the center blocks into the tower. If you can keep the tower from toppling without sacrificing your tipper, restart the game as usual and remove blocks from your most likely tipper tower.

Backyard Giant Jenga games Prices

Inexpensive: Traditional Jenga games are also available. They may come in cylindrical or rectangular containers. These containers are used to showcase the tower’s form.

Mid-range: The cost of these bundles varies, with most containing a twist. It’s possible that you’ll receive a game with oddly shaped pieces, unusual rules, or even new subject matter.

Expensive: The most popular Backyard Giant Jenga games are those with real wooden blocks. These packs usually cost more due to their larger pieces. The larger the pieces, the higher the prices. These sets include a carrying unit.


Q1. Does a stacking sleeve accompany all Backyard Giant Jenga games?

They aren’t, especially the enormous Jenga sets. Sleeves are commonly made of cardboard or plastic, but plastic is easier to use and more durable.

Q2. How tall can Jenga towers be if players place blocks on top?

The height of a Jenga tower may increase during the game, but this is dependent on the players’ abilities.

Q3. What is the age required for kids to be able to play Jenga?

Playing Classic Jenga games is suggested for ages six and above, whereas giant Jenga is ideal for ages 12 and above.

Q4. How many people can play Jenga?

Jenga can be played by up to two or more than two number of players.

Final Thoughts

There are several Backyard Giant Jenga games available, yet it’s not always simple to decide which one to choose from the many alternatives that are accessible. Hopefully, this guide will assist you in making an informed decision and give you the best gaming experience possible.

If you want a high-quality and reasonably priced set, the Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers are a great choice. It’s more durable, has more blocks, and comes with a carrying bag, so it’s a safe bet.

If you need a large number of players, the Tailgating Pros Giant Wooden Tumbling Timbers is a perfect choice. 60 blocks and the ability to stack over 5 feet tall make this an exciting option!


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