Leigh Country TX

You could randomly choose any backyard in America, and the chances are that there will be at least one Adirondack chair out there. There is a reason why these traditional wooden chairs have come to be backyard staples as well as go-tos on docks and beaches. The untrained eye may think that they are all the same, but there are subtle variations that can make all the difference with these chairs. To get the perfect fit for your needs, you have to know more about the chair. 
At first glance, the Leigh Country Adirondack chair may not look like much, but it has it where it counts. It is made from industry-standard materials and finished with weatherproof paint that comes in a traditional white or vibrant red. It is an under the radar, but a solid choice of chair. 
Before we get to our recommendation, we want to give you an in-depth look at the Leigh Country Adirondack Chair and then give you insight into what real owners have to say about it. By then end of this review, you will have everything you need to decide if this is the right chair for your backyard. 


About the Chair

The design of this chair is pretty standard, with a flat fanning back and a slanted seat. The slightly cascading front makes it easy to sit down and slide back into comfort. It’s easy to sit in this chair and forget to get up for a few hours.
You will find yourself spending hours in this chair watching the kids, taking in the sights, and enjoying a cold drink. Just be careful not to doze off while you still have your drink in your hand. 

LeightCountryTXSome Notable Features Include:

  • Made from fir and pine wood
  • Pre-finished with weather-resistant paint
  • One-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Classic white or bold red colors
  • Rust-proof Hardware

The chair does require some assembly out of the box, but it should take less than thirty minutes per chair to go from the box to the completed product. 
The Leigh Country chair measures 34.4” H x 24.8 ”W x 27.8” D and supports weights up to 300 pounds. 

What Customers Say

The best way to know if a product is worthwhile is to hear from people who have owned it; the longer, the better. We waded through the reviews to bring you both the good and the bad from people who pulled the pieces from the box, put it together, and used it. Of the 488 reviews, 71% of them make up four and five-star reviews. 

Leigh Country Adirondack ChairThrough all of the reviews, these are a few common themes:

  • The price of the chair is a good deal
  • Assembly was easy, takes around thirty minutes
  • A lot of people loved the way they looked once assembled
  • Many people commented on how surprised they were at the sturdiness of the chair
  • One more theme that popped up was that people felt the chair was the perfect size

You can’t please everyone all the time, and it is only fair to share some of the negative feedback these chairs have received.

  • A common complaint among the bad reviews was that the wood came cracked or cracked during assembly
  • It seems as though not everyone found these chairs easy to assemble, and some cited a lack of instructions. 
  • Some owners claim that the predrilled holes were not drilled all the way through
  • A few owners complained that the paint job was chipped or uneven out of the box. 

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for a decent starter chair, this is a fantastic option. It’s not going to break the bank, which makes it more convenient to buy chairs for the whole family. Even though they are more budget-friendly, they still look beautiful, and assembling these chairs seems to be a minor inconvenience at best. 
Made of fir and pine woods, the Leigh Country is not the strongest chair, but it supports a fair amount of weight and will work just fine for most people. It is finished with weather-resistant paint but will need to be repainted or refinished once or twice a year to keep it looking good and resisting the sun, weather, and bugs. With proper care, these chairs will last you a few years or more. 
It is easy to recommend this chair to anyone looking for an economical solution to Adirondack chairs. They are overall sturdy chairs that look amazing and offer all the comforts you would expect from this style of chair. Don’t let the fact that you have to assemble them detour you since most people found it to be a simple task. 
It’s not the perfect chair, and a few people have voiced their opinions about their frustrations, but those do seem like isolated incidents. Overall, people seem to love these chairs, and it’s a safe bet that you will love them too. 
Don’t wait any longer, order these chairs today and put them together as soon as you get them so you can see for yourself how fun and comfortable these Adirondack chairs are.