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10 Summer Friendly Balcony Design Ideas

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start spending time in those outdoor spaces that have been neglected all winter long.

Everyone loves the sun, heat and vitamin D during the summer months. Maximize your outdoor time this summer by creating the perfect balcony getaway.

A few easy changes can make your balcony your go-to summer hang out spot. You’ll love your balcony design so much that you’ll want to skip that expensive beach vacation and instead partake in a staycation!

With these simple balcony design ideas, your outdoor space is going to be the most relaxing and rejuvenating space in your whole home.

Lighting is everything

Lighting on your balcony is just as important as it is in your living room. Besides the obvious benefit of illuminating a room at night, lighting sets the tone, mood, and ambiance of a space.

Wrap your balcony in white Christmas lights or hang Morrocan lanterns. Place some tea lights or candles strategically around your balcony for more romantic and warm lighting.

Consider the style

Are you more of a bohemian free spirit or a lover of the modern industrial vibe?

Either way, you’ll want your outdoor space to be consistent with your tastes.

Make your style shine through in every choice from your lighting to your chairs, to your throw pillows. Having a consistent theme or style will help you and your guests feel more comfortable.


Use your outdoor accessories as an opportunity to add color and style to your balcony.

Your throw pillows can add pops of color or splashes of interesting design to a space that might seem generic. The accessories that you choose for your balcony are what make your space uniquely yours.

Think about getting an interesting hanging or floating bar! Maybe a cool tiled side table to hold your cool glass of lemonade. These little details will make your space so much more comfortable.

Get Proper Seating

If you have guests over you need to have comfortable and reliable seating. Seating is one of the most important balcony design features to consider.

If your furniture is cool looking but impractical, then you and your guests will be uncomfortable and you won’t want to spend any time on your balcony. You’ll need outdoor furniture with style, class, and durability.

Consider the climate that you live in and get chairs that will endure any weather the summer months might have in store!

Add some green

Adding green plants in your space will help bridge the gap between the outside world and your home. Your balcony is a unique space between the public and private spaces. Plants help make that work!

Plus, studies have proven that having live plants will make you happier! Adding some fresh green wildlife is a great way to bring positivity into a balcony design.

Think Verticle

Thinking verticle with your balcony design is key if real estate is sparse. In small spaces, you have to think a lot about what actually takes up floor space.

Pallet walls are a beautiful and space efficient way to add those greens to your balcony design.

If you want a lot of plants but don’t have a ton of space, then building a pallet wall is the way to go. It helps you get all the lush greenery you want but it doesn’t take up precious floor space.

If pallet walls aren’t your style, then consider different plant hanging techniques. You can still get the green plant life you want without taking up too much of your floor space.

Change up the flooring

It might seem like a big undertaking, but some flooring options can be really simple. Flooring makes a big difference in the feel of your balcony design.

Consider tiling your balcony with a cool and funky design. Or consider laying an interesting parquet style wood floors. There are floor sealers that are designed specially to protect your outdoor spaces so your balcony design doesn’t have to suffer because of a little rain.

Be prepared for the weather

Make sure your balcony design is smart and be prepared! No one wants to get caught in a rain storm without an umbrella!

Same with your balcony. If you live in an area with frequent or sudden rains, you might want to consider incorporating an umbrella or awning to protect your balcony from the weather.

If your summer nights can sometimes get a little chilly, have some outdoor blankets that you’re willing to store outside. Being prepared for the elements will make your balcony a much more pleasant space.

Decide on furniture

You’ll need appropriate places for people to sit and relax. But maybe you’ll want a table as well if you plan on sharing meals outside.

If a table isn’t your style, consider adding benches or a hammock! If your building and zoning laws allow, you could add a grill or outdoor cooking area.

Decide what you want the primary function of your space to be. If you want it to be a place for shared meals, you’ll obviously need a good table. If you want more reading, writing and general relaxing then you might not need a table!

Privacy with style

Not all balcony’s offer much privacy. If you live in a city, privacy is hard to come by! Your weather appropriate umbrellas and awnings can come with built in convenient privacy!

If you don’t have the space for an umbrella and your building doesn’t allow additional awnings, even stringing white fairy lights above and around your space can add some privacy. The lights will distract from your personal space and make it hard to see your private balcony clearly.

Smart balcony design

Investing some time and effort into the design of your outdoor space will greatly improve your summer experience. Having a private, comfortable and personal outdoor space that you can enjoy alone or share will friends will make this summer the best!

Pick a few of these simple balcony design ideas to implement in your space, and you’ll never want to step back inside!

Do you have any other balcony design for ideas for summer? Share with us in the comments section below!

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