11 Great Balcony Design Ideas For The Summer

11 Great Balcony Design Ideas For The Summer

After reading this post, you’ll be ready for summer days and evenings on your balcony. Here are 11 great balcony design ideas for the summer.

Summer is about to arrive, and it’s time to start spending time in those outdoor places that have been long overlooked in winter.

Everyone loves the sun, vitamin D, and heat. During the summer months, create the ideal balcony getaway this summer by extending your outdoor time.

Make your balcony into a preferred summer hang-out spot with simple modifications. Your balcony design ideas will be so popular that you’ll want to stay in and enjoy a staycation rather than go on an expensive beach trip.

These basic balcony design ideas can help you create the most relaxing and refreshing part of your home outside.

Lighting is everything

It’s just as crucial to use proper lighting on your balcony as it is in your living room. Aside from the evident advantage of lighting a room at night, light influences the atmosphere, tone, and ambiance of a place.

Hang Moroccan lanterns on your balcony or decorate it with white Christmas lights. Place tea lights or candles strategically around your balcony for more romantic and warm illumination.

Consider the style

Are you a lover of the bohemian free spirit or trendy industrial vibe?

Whatever you choose, you’ll want your outside area to be in keeping with your own preferences.

Make your personal style shine through in every aspect of your home, from the lighting to the furnishings to the decorative cushions. Having a consistent theme or style will make you and your guests feel more comfortable.


Use your outdoor furnishings as an opportunity to add color and style to your balcony.

Your throw pillows can add a pop of color or a splash of exciting design to a space that may seem ordinary. The accessories you choose for your balcony are what make your space special.

Consider purchasing a fascinating floating or hanging bar. Maybe a cool tiled side table to hold a cold glass of lemonade. These little details will make your room much more inviting and pleasant.

Get Proper Seating

You’ll need to provide comfortable and stable seats if you have visitors. One of the essential balcony design elements to consider is seating.

If your furniture is attractive but impractical, you and your visitors will be uncomfortable, and you won’t want to spend more time on your balcony. You’ll need some outdoor furniture that is stylish, classy, and long-lasting.

Consider the environment you reside in and get seats that will survive whatever the summer months may bring!

Add some green

Adding greenery to your home will help bridge the gap between your home and the rest of the world. Your balcony occupies a unique space in between public and private areas. Plants assist in the process!

Plus, research has shown that having live plants in your home makes you happier! Adding some fresh greenery to a balcony design is a beautiful method to enhance the mood.

Think Verticle

If real estate is sparse, it is essential to think vertically with your balcony design. It would help if you considered what may be regarded as floor space in small places to maximize floor area.

Pallet walls are a fantastic and space-saving method to add greenery to your balcony design.

If you only have a little bit of space but want to grow many plants, then constructing a pallet wall is the best option. It allows you to produce all the vegetation you desire without taking up valuable floor space.

If pallet walls aren’t your style, consider different hanging plants. You may still have the lush green plant life you desire without taking up too much room on your floor.

Change up the flooring

Some flooring alternatives may appear complicated, but they are often quite simple. The flooring considerably impacts the look of your balcony design.

Consider tiling your balcony with a unique and exciting design. Consider installing attractive parquet flooring. There are floor sealers available that are tailored to your outdoor spaces, which will protect your balcony design from minor showers.

Be prepared for the weather

Make sure your balcony decor is thoughtful and ready to go! It’s a terrible feeling to be caught in the rain without an umbrella!

Even with your own balcony. If you live in location that gets a lot of rain or has frequent or intense showers, consider adding an umbrella or awning to your balcony to protect it from the weather.

If you live in a chilly climate, keep some outdoor blankets on hand to utilize during the winter. Preparing your balcony for the weather will make it a more pleasant area.

Decide on furniture

You will need suitable places for people to sit and relax. But maybe you also need a table if you plan to share a meal outside.

Consider adding benches or a hammock to your space if a table isn’t for you! You may construct an outdoor kitchen or grill if your building and zoning regulations allow.

Determine the primary purpose of your space. You’ll need a decent table if you want it to be a gathering spot for shared meals. You may not need a table if you want more reading, writing, and general rest.

Privacy with style

Some balconies are not as private as you would think. Privacy is difficult to obtain in a city. Your weather-appropriate umbrellas and awnings can come with convenient built-in privacy!

Even clinching white fairy lights above and around your space may provide some privacy if you don’t have the room for an umbrella, but your building does not allow for any more awnings. The bright lights will draw attention away from your personal area, making it challenging to observe your own balcony.

Smart balcony design

Investing effort and sometimes into the design of your outside area will enhance your summer vacation. This summer will be the greatest if you have a private, pleasant, outdoor social space to enjoy alone or with friends.

Choose a few of these basic balcony design ideas, and you’ll never want to go inside again!

Bonus: 5 Balcony Design Ideas Prove This Often Overlooked Space Is Worth Decorating

So you don’t have a yard full of a she-shed and swimming pool. If you have a balcony, it may become a favorite outdoor lounge even with just a little attention. There are a few things to watch before renovating your outdoor space.

The materials you pick for furnishings are particularly crucial and might make a huge difference between a soggy mess and a long-term outdoor investment. Most materials, such as resin wicker, wrought iron, teak, and plastic, can withstand most of the elements nature throws at them.

Aside from furniture, there are a few more things you may do to make your balcony shine. Plants are great for spicing up a space. A balcony garden is perfect for blooming plants like geraniums and begonias and sturdy plants like bamboo. Fresh herbs are also wonderful in a balcony garden. The list of outside plants is lengthy, but bear in mind the hardiness zone you reside in and consider how much light your balcony gets before making any judgments.

Another factor to consider is privacy. If you live in an apartment or a small community, obtaining complete seclusion may be difficult. However, there are several ways to help you reclaim more personal space and get rid of nosy neighbors. Tall plants, climbing vines, and bushes are lovely one-time solutions. Waterproof textiles and fabric hangings are ideal for closing off your space a bit while also providing some much-needed shade. You may also get privacy screens constructed of different materials, including metal and bamboo. You may also plant your own screen net and deck it out with creeping plants to create the area of an open-air effect.

After you’ve acquired all of the necessary components, putting together a great balcony is considerably more accessible than you would believe. Take a look at these lovely examples below.

Gorgeous greens

It’s no secret that a balcony is an excellent location to show off your green thumb, but we double-dare you to go above and beyond by planting your petunias in a pot. Plants were artfully hung from Elizabeth Tulipana’s balcony railing in her Chicago apartment. It has never been so fashionable to grow plants vertically.

Bold and bright

This isn’t the sort of thing you’d expect to see on a design wall. We can’t stop smiling when we see this apartment balcony full of brightly yellow chairs and cheerful banana-patterned cushions.

Bamboo Privacy Screen

Who doesn’t enjoy a basic project that gives function and beauty to rooms? This is an excellent example of how you don’t need to spend a lot of money to add privacy to your backyard. A simple addition of a half-privacy screen made of thin bamboo strands provides guests with a look without giving them access to the whole room. The warm, inviting fabric palette on the floor is ideal for relaxation in a pleasant atmosphere.

Friendship Furniture

The tiny balcony of designer-to-the-stars Emily Henderson Design was transformed into a Parisian fantasy by installation artist Jessica Bunge. The IKEA-style alternating deck tiles resulted from a do-it-yourself project to transform a concrete floor into something far more beautiful. The vintage dining set was originally a four-piece set that she shared with a buddy—also known as friendship furniture. This idea is ideal for tiny balconies that can’t hold a more significant number of chairs.

Cozy Up

Anyone who says that a balcony space should strictly have tables and chairs for seating is not aware of the comfort of lounge space. The relaxing atmosphere of this balcony from Takingada makes it ideal for rest and viewing the greenery around the home.


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