Best Wicker Patio Furniture Sets Under $1500. Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

Best Wicker Patio Furniture Sets Under $1500. Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

Best Wicker Patio Furniture Set Under $1,500

After days of research, we’ve discovered that the best rattan patio furniture set under $1,500 is the Modenzi 7G-U Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Set.

It has a very simple and versatile system available in four colors. The set includes four “middle” sofa sections (chairs with no arms), two “end” sofa sections (chairs with an arm on one side), and a coffee table. This furniture set may be built in a variety of ways, making it highly attractive.

Budget Pick: Best Rattan Resin Wicker Patio Set

The Keter Corfu 4-piece patio set is our Best of the Best. This patio furniture set is made entirely of PVC resin wicker and has no metal in it. The screws are constructed of PVC, so there’s no metal for them to rust or discolor.

It’s a fantastic design, and the chairs are sturdy enough to support people up to 300 pounds!

We don’t really like the overall style, which is both practical and functional. However, for the price, this is a nice set that will withstand the test of time.

Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Set Reviews

In this section, we look at each of the top five best patio furniture sets under $1500 and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

For a list of outdoor furniture brands to avoid, see our guide to patio furniture manufacturers here.

  1. Modenzi 7G-U Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture Espresso Brown Wicker Sofa Set (Orange)

The Modenzi 7G-U Outdoor Sectional Patio Furniture Set is the most sizable and costly set on our list today. A two-piece sofa set, two side chairs, and a glass-topped coffee table join together to make this seven-piece collection. It’s a versatile patio furniture set that may be utilized in a variety of ways. It comes in four distinct colors and is an extremely flexible patio furnishings collection.

What’s Included

The Modenzi 7G-U Outdoor Section Patio Furniture Package includes the following items:

  • Two corner sofas (one arm each)
  • Four middle sofas (no arms)
  • One coffee table
  • Water-resistant seat cushions for all chairs
  • Water-resistant back cushions for all chairs (note: throw pillows shown, but not included).

The Details

The Modenzi is constructed of a highly durable powder-coated aluminum frame covered in espresso brown PVC wicker rattan. The material is light enough to be transported across town without difficulty and can endure the majority of what Mother Nature has to throw at it. When the weather gets bad, this set should be brought inside or sheltered in order to protect it.

The cushions are 4″ thick, and they’re quite comfortable. The covers are simple to unzip and re-zip, and they are machine washable. The cushions are water-resistant and should be stored in a deck box or other storage solution when not in use. The throw pillows shown in the image above are not included with the set.


The dimensions for the individual Modenzi 7G pieces are:

  • Sofa End Chairs: 31.5″ x 31.5″
  • Middle Chairs: 27.5″ x 31.5″
  • Table: 31.5″ x 31.5″
  • Shipping Weight: 195lbs


The majority of the product has to be installed, and while installation isn’t difficult, it is time-consuming. Even if you have only two people, figure out how much time it will take. The instructions are simple to follow.


The Bottom Line

The Modenzi 7G outdoor rattan furniture set is a wonderful set that can be arranged in a variety of postures. The Modenzi patio set is covered by a 90-day warranty, which is convenient, but getting the set back to Amazon and unpacking it may be difficult.

Fortunately, the materials in this set are of excellent quality and should endure a long time if properly maintained.

If you want a slightly different design but the same basic concept as the 7G, Modenzi also has the Modenzi 7C-U set, which consists of two middle sofa pieces and two ottomans rather than four middle sofa pieces without arms as in the 7G.

Fortunately, the materials in this set are of excellent quality and should endure a long time if properly maintained.

If you want a slightly different design but the same basic concept as the 7G, Modenzi also has the Modenzi 7C-U set, which consists of two middle sofa pieces and two ottomans rather than four middle sofa pieces without arms as in the 7G.

  1. Best Choice Products 5PC Rattan Wicker Sofa Set

The BestChoice Products 5 Piece Rattan Wicker Sofa Set is a nice, stylish patio sofa set with two color schemes: black with cream/white cushions and gray with cream/white cushions.

It’s still a full-sized couch with an ottoman and a glass-topped coffee table, even if it’s only five pieces.

What’s Included

The 5-piece furniture package from The Best Choice Products includes the following items:

  • Three seat wicker sofa (in three pieces)
  • One ottoman
  • One coffee table with a glass top
  • Water-resistant seat cushions for all chairs and ottoman
  • Water-resistant back cushions for all chairs
  • Two small throw pillows

The Details

Each of the cushions on this sofa can be removed and rearranged as needed. Each one may be used as a chair, allowing for simple seating for four people while also providing an additional coffee table. You can change or add parts as needed, which is a useful feature. You may want to use zip ties to keep the legs together if you want them in a single position for most of your time.

This set is constructed of powder-coated steel and has a PVC resin wicker rattan covering for protection and beauty. These chairs can handle up to 300 pounds of weight and are weather-resistant, allowing them to be commonly kept outside. Cover them or otherwise protect them with a furniture cover in the winter.

The cushions are a water-resistant nylon mix that is attractive. The covers can be easily removed and machine washed as needed. The chair is extremely comfortable, with luxurious seat cushions that are perhaps 4″ thick and well-filled back cushions. The Best Choice Products set may be complemented with a few more pillows if you like, but it looks fantastic as is!

The cushions are a lovely white cream and appear to be very stain-resistant. You may wish to coat them with Scotch Guard for additional protection. If you can, take the cushions down when they are not in use or store them in a deck box for further protection.


The overall dimensions of this sofa unit are 85″ x 25″ x 26″.

  • Ottoman: 29″ x 29″ x 19″
  • Table: 19″ x 35″
  • Shipping Weight: 147lbs


This package comes in two different large boxes (sometimes on two different trucks, sometimes on separate days!). This large set requires some time to assemble, possibly a few hours, but isn’t particularly difficult. The directions should be in the same box as the screws and fasteners, and they’re quite clear.

Unfortunately, the components of each item are not labeled, so beginning assembly may be a little difficult. Start by looking at the pictures to figure out where everything goes, and then put it together in a matter of minutes.

Another beneficial assembly decision is that all of the screws are the same size! You won’t have to figure out what screw goes where since they’re all the same size.

Note: Some consumers have reported receiving this in one large container, while others report receiving it in several boxes.


The Bottom Line

The BestChoice Products 5-Piece Set is a nice, adaptable rattan garden furniture set that may be arranged in a variety of ways and is attractive, sturdy, and pleasant. Its effectiveness, simplicity of use and low price make it a great value for money choice.

The back is somewhat low, but not nearly as much as other models. The set is high-quality, attractive, and comprehensive, fulfilling all of the demands of a patio set.

This device is only available with free delivery, but it isn’t accessible through Amazon Prime. Because of the weight of this package, delivery will probably take 7-14 days rather than Amazon’s usual three-day shipping.

  1. Keter Corfu 4 Piece Set All Weather Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture w/ Cushions

The Keter Corfu 4 Piece All Weather Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture set is a powerful resin wicker furniture set. It is available in two colors, Charcoal and Brown.

The chairs have a convenient design, wide chair arms, and open sides, making them very comfortable.

What’s Included

The Keter Corfu 4 Piece furniture package includes the following items:

  • One wicker love seat
  • Two wicker armchairs
  • One coffee table
  • Water-resistant seat cushions for all chairs

The Details

The Keter Corfu four-piece furnishings set is comfortable, well designed, and well organized. This chair set is weather and water-resistant, so it may be left in the elements. The cushions are waterproof and have a thickness of about 1.5″. The soft, cushioned shells are covered by a water-resistant, washable cover that simply clips on and off. When not in use, you should remove the cushions or store them in a deck box. To further protect the cushions, spray them with Scotch Guard.

During the summer, we recommend covering the set or bringing it in, but it may be left outside during the warmer months.

The Keter Corfu line has a number of benefits, one of which is that the components are offered as a set and can also be purchased individually. So, if you want a second armchair to go with your patio set, you may simply buy the corresponding armchair rather than buying a full new set.

The Corfu line is made of polypropylene resin, so there’s no worry about it rusting in the future. The chairs can bear up to 300 pounds of weight and have arms on all of them.

There are no additional cushions supplied with this furniture set, and it is pleasant enough without them. However, if you want to put a few pillows on it, the color pop would undoubtedly improve the appearance of this set, and the additional cushions would make things considerably more comfortable.

This set’s feet are wide and flat, and they will easily fit on a deck or grassed area without the risk of falling through gaps or tiny holes.


The dimensions for the individual pieces are:

Armchair: 29.5″× 27.6″× 31.1″(l×d×h)

Loveseat: 50.4″ × 27.6″× 31.1″(l×d×h)

Table: 30.3″× 22.4″× 16.5″(l×w×h)

Shipping Weight: 130lbs


The Keter Corfu furniture set is packaged in an Ikea-style packaging; it does not come together. It takes approximately two hours to put together, and no special equipment is required.

The wrench for this package is attached to one of the boxes and is made of red plastic. It’s easy to miss, so keep your eyes open.

Also, make sure you don’t apply too much force when tightening the screws since this can cause them to break.

The Bottom Line

The Corfu four-piece furniture set is a fantastic value outdoor furniture set, and the fact that it is made of plastic will ensure that it lasts for years. The cushions are a little thin and may need to be replaced later, but otherwise, this is a nice patio set.

As a bonus, the Corfu set is also available on Amazon Prime.


  1. Cosco Products 4 Piece Malmo Resin Wicker Patio Set

The Cosco Products 4 piece Malmo Wicker Patio Set is a fashionable, contemporary, and fully-featured patio set with two color options: brown with teal cushions or black with gray cushions. The Brown and Teal seem more welcoming to us.

This patio set is a wonderful deal, and while the cushions are thin and lack substance, the wicker resin frame is solid.

The cushions may be changed or supplemented with different materials and pillows as needed.

What’s Included

The Cosco Products 4-Piece Malmo Wicker Garden Furniture Set includes the following:

  • One loveseat
  • Two armchairs
  • One coffee table with tempered glass top and storage shelf
  • Water-resistant seat cushions for all chairs

The Details

The steel frame is covered in resin wicker and every component in the Cosco Products Malmo patio set is composed of individual parts. The frame is powder-coated and should endure for a long time. However, if the frame is left outside in the weather, it may rust over time.

The paint should last a long time and cover the metal entirely.

This set does not include water-resistant cushions, so they should be removed when not in use. The cushions are a little thin, and after time, you may want to replace them with higher-quality seat cushions.

The table is supported by four suction cups and connected to the legs of the table. The Malmo dining table comes with a storage area underneath the glass. Many of these four-piece sets lack storage in the table, so we appreciate the extra area provided.

The chairs can handle up to 250 pounds of weight and are quite comfortable. The overall size of these chairs is on the smaller side, and while they are a pleasant size, they are not oversized patio furniture. This collection may not be appropriate for you if your visitors are on the heavier side of the spectrum. For more information, please see the following dimensions.


The dimensions for the individual pieces are:

  • Armchair: 23.62″× 22.05″× 30.71″(l×d×h)
  • Loveseat: 44.09″ × 27.17″× 30.71″(l×d×h)
  • Table: 30.7″× 18.1″× 15″(l×w×h)
  • Shipping Weight: 108lbs


The conversation set’s assembly is a pain in the neck. The shipping weight of this unit is approximately 100 pounds, and everything is packed very tightly. Unfortunately, there are no stickers on the parts identifying which piece of furniture each component belongs to, and the directions are bad, so expect some difficulty putting it all together.

The instructions were a bit difficult to follow and some of the components didn’t quite fit together, but once it’s done, the entire kit is solid and comfortable.

To get an idea of the assembly requirements, you can take a look at the directions on Cosco’s website.


The Bottom Line

We like this patio conversation set, and it’s a good one if you can put it together.

Some customers have reported having missing items in their box or receiving two right chair legs and no lefts or any other variation. If you discover a defect in your Amazon device, contact them right away so they can correct it.

The Cosco Malmo Four Piece patio furniture set is a wonderful deal and one that will serve you well for years once you’ve got through the pain of assembly.

  1. Baner Garden (K35-BR) 4 Pieces Outdoor Furniture Complete Patio Cushion Wicker Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Couch Set

The Baner Garden 4-piece outdoor furniture set is a lovely sectional sofa set with a resin wicker table/ottoman, and all finished with smoke gray cushions (including the table).

The Baner Garden comes in two color options: black with smoke gray cushions and brown with white cushions. We feel the black with gray cushions looks quite nice.

What’s Included

The Baner Garden 4 Piece Sofa Couch set includes the following items:

  • Two love seats with one arm
  • Corner sofa chair
  • One coffee table ottoman with storage cabinet
  • Water-resistant seat cushions for all chairs and coffee table

The Details

The Baner Garden 4 Piece outdoor sectional set is a beautifully designed patio furniture set with plenty of comfort and a well-planned dual-use ottoman/storage coffee table. It is made of powder-coated steel frames wrapped with durable resin wicker rattan material. The set is quite durable and hardy.

The Baner Garden set is weatherproof and may be left outside in most circumstances; however, we recommend covering it or taking it inside when the weather gets bad. The seats can support up to 300 pounds per seat position (i.e., one love seat can carry two people, each weighing 300 lbs)

The cushions are water and mildew-resistant, but they aren’t waterproof. When not in use, users should take the cushions inside or store them in a deck box if available. Fortunately, the cushion covers are machine washable and removable.

The cushions are 2 inches thick, and if you buy this set, you may wish to upgrade the cushions over time. They are reasonably comfortable, but a thicker cushion would go a long way.

The table has a glass top and a cushion top, so you may use it either way. You can’t really put glasses on the cushion unless they are very wide and strong.


The following list show the dimensions of each component:

  • Loveseat: 52″ × 28″× 26.75″(l×d×h)
  • Corner Chair: 28″ x 28″ x 26.75″ (l x d x h)
  • Table/Ottoman: 23.5″× 35 1/2″× 12.375″(l×w×h)
  • Shipping Weight: 146lbs


It arrives in one huge box weighing around 140 lbs. Each component comes in its own box. Fortunately, the directions on this package are simple to follow, and the assembly isn’t complicated.

You can also replace the supplied wrench with a cordless drill with a bit of the same size to avoid having to carry around two separate tools.


The Bottom Line

The Baner Garden 4 Piece sectional sofa patio set is a well-made, highly adaptable furniture solution that looks and feels like a high-quality piece.

The coffee table/ottoman’s shape allows you to utilize it as a seat against the sofa’s edge, resulting in a chaise lounge effect. To add more flair, use an extra coffee table or fire pit table for additional seating options.

The Baner Garden is a fantastic sectional sofa patio set, and it’s a wonderful option at this price.

Patio Furniture Sectional Set Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide is designed to help buyers understand the advantages and disadvantages of resin wicker patio furniture. We discuss about materials, furniture layout design, cleaning and maintenance.


Patio furniture is generally divided into three categories of materials: the frame materials (usually metal, occasionally PVC), the covering resin wicker material, and the cushion substance.

Furniture Frame Material

Furniture frames are usually made of powder-coated steel and occasionally of powder-coated aluminum. For appearance, comfort, and durability, the frames are covered in resin wicker material. Steel, aluminum, and titanium are all excellent materials for frames. Aluminum may be lighter than steel, making aluminum framed furniture easier to transport.

PVC resins are also utilized to make frames. These systems are lighter than aluminum and are guaranteed to be rust-free since there is no metal. Even the screws and fasteners in these sets are often made of PVC, ensuring that the entire kit is rust-free. These sets may not be as strong as metal-framed sets, though, and be sure to check the weight limits.

Wrapping Rattan Resin Wicker PVC

Rattan is a weather-resistant woven material that is frequently seen on indoor furniture, and it’s occasionally used on outdoor furniture.

When furniture designers use the words “Rattan” and “Wicker” in connection with outdoor furnishings, they are almost certainly referring to a PVC resin wicker rattan product. Rattan resin wicker is composed of plastic and is typically wrapped (usually) around a metal frame to make a more durable, weather-resistant, and hardy furniture base.


Outdoor cushions are typically constructed of polyester or nylon. The majority of our cushions are water-resistant but not waterproof. They can withstand a light shower, but they will get drenched in heavy rain.

When not in use, we recommend bringing in outside cushions or storing them inside a deck box for protection from the elements. To keep them smelling fresh and not mildewy or moldy, place them in the sun.

If you want to keep your cushions out in the weather, Sunbrella fabric is a higher-end fabric that can endure the elements. The majority of the more expensive furniture sets use Sunbrella fabric cushions, although you might start with one of the patio chairs and table sets below and upgrade the cushions to Sunbrella after a few years. You may also add more texture and beauty to your patio with Sunbrella pillows.

Outdoor Furniture Set Design

The majority of the rattan effect garden furniture sets in our list contain between 4 and 7 pieces, with enough space for four to six people.

Some of the sets are composed of individual components, while other sets are constructed out of sectional-style building blocks that may be interchanged to create sofas, love seats, and chairs from individual parts.

While these sets are a touch more costly, they provide a lot of design freedom and make it simple to reorganize the set for a smaller gathering or open things up for a larger celebration.

Cleaning Plastic Rattan Patio Furniture

Acetic acid is the only cleaning agent required for plastic resin wicker patio furniture. Although the name implies otherwise, vinegar is simply watered-down acetic acid! Acetic acid is produced by diluting 1 cup white vinegar with 5-7 cups of water. Mix it up, clean your furniture with a sponge followed by an acetic acid solution, and dry with a clean sponge and water.

Cleaning Process

Here’s a fast overview of the cleaning procedure for resin wicker outdoor furniture.

  • Spray Down the Furniture with a hose
  • Soak a sponge or rag in acetic acid
  • Scrub the furniture until clean
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Use a toothbrush on hard-to-reach spots
  • Dry the furniture when done using a towel (you’ll avoid getting water spots if you do this rather than letting it air dry)
  • It is better to tidy up your furniture often than to have it deep cleaned once in a while. When dirt accumulates on resin rattan furniture, it’s easier to remove the heavier pieces. Keep an eye out for the sponge and grab it when you can. It’s more difficult to remove mud and grime caked on your furniture, so keep an eye out for the sponge and get it as soon as possible.


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