Do Patio Heaters Work?

Do Patio Heaters Work?

Even though the summer has ended, you don’t have to hide from the outside world. An outdoor heater can provide the feeling of summer again and give you that indoor warmth and an enjoyable chilly winter night. Patio heaters will genuinely expand the size of your home, and the patio heater will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round. There are several different types of outside heaters to select from. One of the most popular heaters is a propane patio heater.

Patio heaters are either propane burners or electricity-powered heaters. Whatever the power source, patio heaters give off radiant heat. Instead of escaping away into the space between you and the radiator, Radiant heat circulates through the air to keep you warm.

Types of patio heaters 


Propane heaters are known as the “kings” of outdoor heaters. Most outdoor appliances use propane. They can be utilized in many areas since no special installation procedure is required.

Advantage: They are capable of producing considerably more heat than electric heaters.

Disadvantage: Propane is quite costly.


Electric heaters are more expensive than natural gas heaters, but they are less costly than propane heaters. They don’t cause any issues and work effectively. You’ll never have to refill them because they only require a power outlet.


The cheapest among the three is natural gas heaters. You won’t have to worry about them after they’re installed since there will always be a steady fuel supply. While they are safe and effective, all-natural gas appliances must be professionally installed. So the cost of installation and set-up is higher than propane or electric heaters. These are long-term installations that cannot be removed.

Do propane Patio heaters work?

The following components make up a propane patio heater:

  1. Cylinder housing for the propane tank
  2. Reflector assembly
  3. Head assembly with a heater burner screen
  4. Gas hose
  5. Gas regulator
  6. The base of the heater with alternative wheels

The heater is fueled by propane gas. It works the same way as any other kitchen appliance that uses gas. The gas regulator regulates the amount of heat supplied by the burner. Propane gas is highly fuel-efficient and uniformly distributes heat over an average area of 17 to 20 square meters when used in a tabletop model. There are bigger versions known as lamp-type heaters with wider heat dispersion.

Propane patio heaters are commonly used in cold winter climates, for outdoor events/gatherings on the lawn or the patio, or to keep people warm who prefer to sit outside their homes in cold weather. Heaters are available in various sizes and styles. Patios that are enclosed with glass may be utilized with tabletop models. The heat it emits is enough for a space of about 25 square meters. If the patio isn’t enclosed and space allows, bigger propane patio heaters with a lamp-like appearance are preferable. Overall, propane heaters generally require much less maintenance than electric ones.

There are several benefits to using propane patio heaters instead of other types of outdoor heaters. The most beneficial feature of a propane heater is portability. Many propane heaters may be readily relocated when they are not connected to a permanent gas line. The majority of outdoor propane heaters are self-contained, so they do not require access to a gas or an electrical supply. The propane tank is hidden inside a compartment so that it is not visible from the outside. However, you may simply access the tank at any time or need to.

Piezo ignition

Another advantage of propane heaters is their wide range of propane tanks and gasoline stations. Most places also offer tank exchange clubs. You pay only a specified amount per month, and whenever you are exhausted, you are allowed to replace your empty tank with a filled one. It is super convenient.

One of the most crucial aspects to consider while purchasing a Propane Patio Heater is its heat dispersal capability. It should have a wide range that is sufficient for your requirements. All other factors related to parts and their functions are secondary. The majority of the producers produce high-quality heaters, so you have little to be concerned about. Another essential factor is the nozzle through which the gas exits. It should be good enough without any fault.

One of the most common ways to maintain your propane patio heater is to make sure it’s connected to the gas all the time, even if there isn’t any gas in the tank. Don’t separate them. This is to prevent dust from getting into and around the nozzle. On the top of the heater, a part houses a perforated cylinder that emits heat as it glows red when gas is burned. A strong and stiff brush should be used to clean this area on a regular basis.

Propane patio heaters are a fantastic investment because not only are they fuel-efficient, but they also outperform other heaters.

Can propane heaters be used indoors?

There are always worries about health and safety when gas heaters, such as any other form of gas heater, are utilized inside the home. You may or may not be watchful of the numerous issues that government legislators and activists have raised about gas heaters in confined places, especially those fueled by propane.

Issues and concerns raised in the past are not related to the present time. Manufacturers are incorporating the most up-to-date features to guarantee that if you buy a propane heater for indoor usage, it will not cause any problems.

Oxygen depletion sensors and automatic valve cutoff mechanisms are among the newest propane heater features being included in the next generation. There’s no good reason not to purchase one of these heaters. Propane-fueled heaters are cheap to run, and the fuel source can be easily purchased from many large retailers. For outdoor usage, you may buy one of the many portable models. They are durable and can be utilized outside for a limited period of time, making them very cost-effective when compared to other types available.

Styles and Designs of Propane heaters

There are many different styles and designs of propane heaters available, so you might want to compare them before thoroughly selecting them. Each and every space will have a distinct feel and appearance thanks to the many unique designs in terms of interior aesthetics. If you are a business owner and looking to buy for commercial reasons, you’ll have a lot of options. Some manufacturers will be better suited to your needs than others. Then again, people also can get themselves a portable heater. This will give them more options regarding where they want to place the heater, saving themselves the hassle, inconvenience, and cost.

It’s critical to follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions for whatever kind of heating system you have. This is to ensure the safety of you and your family. Larger units such as large propane heaters and stoves available for purchase require careful monitoring and frequent maintenance. This is to make sure that they last for a very long time and do not cause any harm to your health.

Finally, you must consider the brand name when choosing the type of heater you wish to purchase. If you decide to purchase an unbranded heater, keep in mind that it may be difficult to replace any damaged parts if your heater breaks down. Hence, you should go for a brand name, so if necessary, you can take the product back to the store or the manufacturers and get it replaced.

Propane heaters are an excellent method to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home or business.

Best Outdoor Heater

Amazon Basics Commercial Patio Heater, Slate Grey

Key Features of The Product:

  • 46,000 BTU heating capacity
  • Piezo ignition
  • 89-inch overall height
  • Attached wheels
  • Powder-coated for long term durability
  • Solid Steel with a powder-coat finish

There are not many criticisms of this unit. One issue that some purchasers have noted is that the manufacturers’ recommendations could be made more clear.

The Amazon Basics patio heater is a fantastic choice for keeping patios and outdoor areas warm throughout the winter months. It has a 46,000 BTU heat output and is one of the top patio heaters in its price range. It can distribute enough heat to keep a patio area warm adequately. It’s also built to last, which is great since some lower-quality patio heaters tend to rust out after a few years of use.

The piezoelectric push-button starter is one of the most significant benefits of this model. This feature saves users the hassle of igniting the heater from the flame source. There’s also a tilt-over shutoff feature built into the heater that will automatically turn it off if it is tipped over, providing an extra level of security. The biggest advantage of this patio heater is that it has a pair of durable wheels attached to one side. These wheels make it easy to tilt backward and roll easily from place to place as needed. If you want to heat multiple areas outside of your home on a daily basis, this heater may be an excellent alternative for you. The unit is easy to navigate with a lightweight of just 40 pounds.


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