Top Ways to Feng Shui Your Patio Space

Top Ways to Feng Shui Your Patio Space

While planning your patio, you think about statement lighting, greenery, seating, furnishing, and other aspects. Well, one crucial thing that you are missing is a good Feng Shui design. You may be wondering what feng shui is and why it is so important? The primary purpose of feng shui is to thwart the negative energy from entering your house and improve the quality of chi within that space. Feng Shui is vital as it evolves around the five elements, i.e., wood, water, fire, earth, and, metal to attract the positive qualities associated with these elements into your space and life.

Let us understand the qualities of these elements before we speak about the best ways to feng shui your patio space.


Wood symbolizes growth and good health. Rectangular shapes and shades of greens and blues represent wood.


Water symbolizes wealth. The curvy and wavy shapes with dark blue and black colors represent water.


Health and nourishment are the two core qualities that symbolize the earth. Colors like orange, brown, yellow as well as flat and square shapes represent the earth.


Fire symbolizes fame and is represented by colors like orange, red, and triangle shapes.


Beauty and precision are two qualities of metal. Circular shapes and colors like gray and white depicts metal.

Top ways to feng shui your patio space

1. Utilizing these elements

Utilizing the five elements of feng shui is essential while planning the design of your patio. To include water, you can create a small waterfall or a swimming pool. Incorporating greenhouse plants or creating a natural fence by planting trees is a beautiful way to add wood to your patio design. Adding a rectangular desk or a yellow rug is a great way to incorporate earth elements in your backyard design. One of the best ways to include a fire element in your patio is by adding statement lighting. Adding lamps or outdoor string lights is a great way to alleviate the ambiance and decor. You can incorporate a metal planter or a metal lamp to add the metal element to your space. With this, you can prevent the negative energy and make way for growth, prosperity, and good health.

2. Use harmonious colors

Ensure that the color of your backyard and the exterior of your house blends efficiently. The colors that you select should be according to the five elements of feng shui. Besides this, you will also have to make sure that the exterior color of your house blends harmoniously with that of your neighboring houses. The right color attracts positive chi.

3. Unclutter the walkways

If you have a big backyard, it is advisable to divide the area into various spaces, for instance, a dining area, a fire pit, a lounging area, a gazebo, etc. While designing the different areas, ensure that the walkway is uncluttered as you will utilize it to move across, and even energy takes the same path. Uncluttering the walkway allows the free flow of energy.

4. Create natural boundaries

Create natural boundaries along the periphery of your house to prevent negative energy from entering. Besides this, it also helps to prevent pollution, noise and provides you the privacy from onlookers and neighbors. You can create natural boundaries by erecting rock garden walls, bamboo or wooden fences, vertical gardens, planting shrubs or trees, etc.

5. Use a Bagua

In Chinese, Bagua symbolizes eight areas connected to the center. It is an energy map that allows you to determine the energy field of your house. Each sector consists of various layers that include shapes, colors, elements, etc. The five elements, Yin-Yang, I-Ching, etc., are some of the core factors that develop the base of Bagua. All the philosophies mentioned above are a study revolving around nature and how humans can live in peace. Bagua works just like a compass. It allows you to identify and design the area of your backyard as per feng shui principles. Let us take a look at the various sectors and how you can add feng shui elements.

North Sector

The North sector symbolizes the water element, and it stands for the career. The water feature you opt for, i.e., a koi pond, a fountain, faux waterfall, etc., should have running water flowing in the direction of your house. It will ensure good fortune.

North East Sector

The North-East sector of your patio signifies knowledge, and colors like brown and yellow represent it. You can create a reading area in this sector using concrete, brick, or stone. To alleviate its beauty, you can plan clay pots with beautiful yellow flowers nearby the reading area.

East Sector

The east sector denotes health. Green and brown color represents wood and is the ideal feng shui element for this area. Placing wooden deck furniture in the east sector of your patio is undoubtedly the best way to feng shui your backyard. Besides this, you can also plant evergreen trees on the boundary to create a natural fence and get the much-needed privacy from your neighbors and onlookers. A beautifully maintained green lawn is also advisable to promote feng shui.

Southeast sector

The southeast sector of your backyard signifies wealth. The wood element rules this sector. It is advisable to plant evergreens and shrubbery trees to receive auspicious energy round the year. Besides enhancing your wealth luck, it will also alleviate the beauty of your backyard. You can even construct a wooden gazebo and place oval leaf plants, for instance, jade plants. Don’t forget to add the water element here, as it generates yang energy.

South Sector

The south sector symbolizes fame and recognition. The fire element represents this sector. Hues of red are the ideal color option to attract auspicious energy. You can add a fire pit and lots of flowering plants of colors like red, pink, orange, etc. You can place wooden furniture on the patio or around the fire pit. One of the best options is to place Adirondack chairs around the fire pit. Adding a string of bulb ceilings will alleviate the ambiance and meet the requirement of the fire element.

South West Sector

The southwest sector stands for love and relationship. The earth element signifies this sector with colors like brown and yellow. Here, you can build a patio of brick or stone to enhance your luck in love and relationships.

West Sector

The west sector is for children. The metal element rules this sector and is associated with silver, white, yellow, gold, and gray color. One of the best ways to add this feng shui element in your backyard is by adding a metal slide, merry-go-round, or other playground equipment. Besides this, you can add flowering plants of white and yellow color.

North West Sector

This area is for helping people and mentors. If you want such people to enter your life, you can add metal elements to this sector. The easiest way to add this element is by hanging a six-hollow rod metal wind chime on the northwest sector of your patio.

6. Create a curvy pathway

While designing the landscape of your garden, ensure that the pathways are curvy and not straight. It is because nature does not have any straight lines. A curvy pathway not only enhances the beauty of your garden but meets the feng shui principle of energizing that area.

7. Chimes

Wind chimes play a crucial role in improving the chi of a particular area. It is essential to select chimes material that corresponds to the chi of that specific area. For instance, wood chimes attract wealth when placed in the southeast sector, metal chimes focus on children’s health and growth when placed in the west area, and so on. The location and the material of the chime work together to generate positive energy that can impact your life in the right way.

To sum it up

Feng Shui can make a positive impact on your life if it’s done in the right way. The size of your patio does not matter. All you have to do is follow the feng shui principles and utilize them correctly.

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