History of the Kennedy Rocker

History of the Kennedy Rocker

The Kennedy Rocker is the most famous rocking chair in history. This chair is called the Kennedy Rocker due to its frequent depiction.

The P & P Chair Company’s rocking chair was recommended to John F. Kennedy while he was a young Massachusetts senator by Dr. Janet Travell in 1955. He was battling back problems due to a war injury. She advised him to swim and use a rocking chair as therapy for his discomfort. She thought that a rocking chair relaxed the lower back by keeping the muscles active, contracting, and relaxing. Kennedy purchased his sturdy Appalachian oak rocker from the P&P Chair Company.

As President, he loved the rocker so much that his staff would bring it on Air Force One when he traveled across the United States and worldwide. He added more rockers to Camp David and the Kennedy properties in Palm Beach, Florida, as well as Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. The chairs were also given as presents to friends and heads of state by John F. Kennedy.

The Kennedy Rocking Chair is constructed, shaped, and steam-bent to the original specification while still green. Every component is necessary, and even the rear post knobs have a purpose. They can be used to attach a back cushion if necessary. There are no decorative elements or superfluous frills – everything is functional. The steam-bent curve of the back post, which sweeps in to offer firm support to the sitter’s back while carrying the weight down to the rockers’ exact point of contact with the floor, is the secret of this chair’s comfort.

Price of the Kennedy Rocker

It has been reported that a successful bidder at a recent Kennedy family memorabilia auction at Sotheby’s paid $442,500 for one of JFK’s rocking chairs. The P & P Chair Company guarantees that the chair is a descendant of the original Presidential Rockers, with a registered trademark stamped below each rocker’s arm and an authentic identifying hangtag. The chair’s low back and wide armrests provide excellent balance and comfortable elbow support.

This tightly woven Malaysian rattan in the seat and back offers firmness and natural spring. This plush brown sofa would be an excellent addition to any home.


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