How to Make an Adirondack Chair Cushion

How to Make an Adirondack Chair Cushion

Make your own Adirondack chair cushion following the steps in this infographic. A good quality Adirondack cushion can cost almost a hundred dollars from a retailer and if you need more than one it gets expensive quickly. Save money and do it yourself.

Materials needed:

  • Foam
  • Fabric of choice

Tools needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marker
  • Sewing machine
  • A flat table

Measuring & Cutting

  1. Measure the width and the length of the seat and the backrest of the chair.
  2. Cut the foam into a rectangular shape based on the measurements.
  3. Trace the shape of the seat and backrest on the foam.
  4. Cut the traced shape to the foam.

Making the Pattern

  1. Using the shaped foam re-trace the foam onto the fabric. This will be the front and the back portion of the cushion.
  2. Add a margin around the shape equal to half the thickness of the foam.
  3. Cut the shape following the margin on the fabric.


  1. Fold the fabric in half and mark the center where all the edges from both halves meet each other. It would help to pin a few sections to keep it from moving.
  2. Sew the edges together leaving a small section enough to fit the foam and your hand.
  3. Turn the fabric inside out through the unsewn portion and flatten the fabric to check.

Inserting the Foam

  1. Insert the foam through the unsewn gap by folding or rolling the foam into itself and insert it through the hole.
  2. Flatten out the foam in the fabric evenly with one hand through the hole while straightening out the fabric from the outside.
  3. Sew the gap together and fit the cushion on the chair.

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