Amazing Inground Fire Pit Ideas

If you are in the position to be building an inground fire pit, don’t make any decisions until you read this! A lot of people think that an inground fire pit is just a hole in the ground with an iron ring around it. Fire pits have come a long way since the old burning barrel in the backyard, and they are an important part of many backyard setups. Check out some of these great ideas that take a backyard fire pit from bland to grand.

A Long Lasting Memory


Although our friends over at Share creations haven’t been active in a while, they shared this great example to leave a long-lasting mark on your property without hurting the resale value. The kids will love putting their hands in the cement, and it is something for the family to revisit every time you have a fire.

Contemporary Design


Houzz featured this gorgeous firepit pulls double duty as a water feature. The straight lines and recessed seating area create different textures that are appealing to the eyes. In a milder climate like Colorado, this pit is in use for one reason or another year round.

In-Ground Paver


This idea featured on Owntheyard is a simple one, but it makes a big impact. Using the same pavers you use for a patio to build up to and then construct the fire pit has a dazzling effect on the eyes. The raised lip to the pit offers a bit of safety but also a design element to make it that much more stunning.

Sometimes Simple is Better


There is nothing incredibly flashy about this fire pit, but that is part of why it is so great. Andrea’s Notebook offers plans to make this DIY fire pit with simple stone accents.

Contemporary Big Stone


This firepit featured by the Decoist is a sight to behold. The way the flames rise from the ground is impressive, but what is perhaps more impressive is large boulders that border the pit. It probably took a lot of work to get those there.

Secluded Stone


Donna Lynn designed this secluded area complete with an in-ground fire pit that seems like it was meant to be there. With the dense foliage around it is a perfect hideaway for friends and family to warm up on a cool night.

Not The Center of Attention

Not-The-Center-of-Attention- Inground Fire Pit

Fire pits are nice, but they don’t always have to be the center of attention. This Japanese design shared by Wahyu Putra shows the pit off to the side of the main seating area. It is still functioning to keep the space warm but allows for safer free-flowing movement.

Backyard Getaway

Backyard-Getaway-Not-The-Center-of-Attention- Inground Fire Pit

By moving the firepit to the other side of the yard, it separates the area from the traditional patio. Giving the fire pit its own space allows you to separate the function of the fire from the function of the patio. It also gives you space where adults can be adults while kids hang out closer to the house.

Game of Stones

Game-of-Stones-Backyard-Getaway-Not-The-Center-of-Attention- Inground Fire Pit

This stacked stone firepit looks like it would be at home on the Game of Thrones set, but you can put it in your backyard. The Ownerbuildernetwork offers up a lot of great fire pit ideas, but this is one of the coolest.

Unconventional Shape

Unconventional-Shape-Game-of-Stones-Backyard-Getaway-Not-The-Center-of-Attention- Inground Fire Pit

The folks over at Neotuners know that a firepit doesn’t always need to be round to do the job. This particular pit has a DIY feel, but its unconventional rectangle shape is charming and may even have some practical benefits.

In Patio Inspiration

In-Patio-Inspiration-Unconventional-Shape-Game-of-Stones-Backyard-Getaway-Not-The-Center-of-Attention- Inground Fire Pit

Colorado Homes Magazine featured this envy causing pit which all homeowners should want. The long thin shape creates a landscape of colors and textures while also serving a practical purpose of allowing more guests around the fire.


Colosseum-In-Patio-Inspiration-Unconventional-Shape-Game-of-Stones-Backyard-Getaway-Not-The-Center-of-Attention- Inground Fire Pit

Just because your fire pit is for heating or cooking doesn’t mean that it can’t be a work of art too. Decorisme shared this simple DIY design that looks great, and almost anyone can pull it off. While the design is for looks, it also adds some protection from wind and blocks kids and pets from getting too close.


Stumped-inground Fire Pit

The folks at Garden Lovers Club dug up this absolute gem in the shape of a tree trunk. While the trunk is not real, it is still a cool idea and a fun feature for any patio.

High Backed Pit

High-Backed-Pit-inground fire pit

This high backed pit has a lot of great advantages and looks cool too. Homebnc shared this picture of a fire pit nestled in a garden. It may be more for looks than function but this is a great design to protect the fire and keep the heat away from anything behind the pit.

Take the Chimney Outside

Take-the-Chimney-Outside inground fire pit

One cheap and effective way of building an outdoor fire pit is to use the same material that they use for the inside variety. Family Handyman put this idea on their list of inexpensive DIY backyard fire pits.

An Old Koi Pond

An-Old-Koi-Pond-inground fire pit

Lucy’s Lamp Shade shared how she transformed an old koi pond into a new fire pit. It’s a shame that a koi pond was hurt in the making of this pit, but the results are pretty fantastic.

Inspired By Gaudi

Inspired-By-Gaudi-inground fire pit

This mosaic design is a great way to add character to a standard fire pit. Home Talk offers a step by step tutorial on how to take a bland in-ground fire pit and make it beautiful before you ever ad the living art of fire.

Cozy Built In

Cozy-Built-In-inground fire pit

There is planning needed for this built-in fire pit, but the folks at Nimvo shared a picture that shows the result is worth it. Who couldn’t see themselves sitting by this fire and chatting late into the night?

In Water Fire Pit

In-Water-Fire-Pit-inground fire pit

This is one of the coolest “in ground” fire pits I’ve ever seen. Image taking a dip in the pool then drying off by the fire. It’s no wonder this pit is featured on a website called Next Luxury.

Classic Ring


When you are looking for a cheap and effective fire pit, a classic ring has to be the best way to go. They are not the coolest or the most beautiful to look at, but they get the job done. Steve Vox has a cool tutorial on how to install a ring yourself in no time.

After reading all these benefits of sitting by a fire you must be thinking to have your own firepit in your backyard. We have done the work for you and listed the best firepits.
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