Is it Good for You to Sit near a Fire?

Is it Good for You to Sit near a Fire?

According to recent study has shown that sit near a fire lowers blood pressure and makes us feel more comfortable. There are few things more memorable than sitting by a bonfire on a chilly evening with those closest to you. It feels good, but is sitting near a fire good for you? It turns out that it’s just what the doctor ordered. Here are some health benefits of sitting near a fireplace.

Lowers Blood Pressure

A recent study found that sitting by the campfire lowers blood pressure. The researchers measured people’s blood pressure before and after watching a film of a fire – not even an actual fire – and discovered that it was reduced by 5%. They also learned that individuals who watched the fire for a longer period became calmer. According to researchers, this may be due to our evolution. A fire has meant security, warmth, and a full stomach for hundreds of years, so it relaxes our minds.

Mental Health

While lowering one’s blood pressure is lovely, there are several ways being near the fire may help one’s mental health. Spending quality time with best friends and sharing experiences can boost your serotonin levels. Fire appeals to almost all senses, keeping you in the moment while stimulating creativity.


One of the most significant advantages of sitting by a fire is to keep warm, although it may appear to be an afterthought. You’ll want to sit near a fire for the most part, but it’s a must-have for survival in certain cases. Keeping warm by the fire is still beneficial to your physical health if you take survival into account.

A Light Source

It may be looking like a stretch, but the light given off by fire is good for you. Moving about freely with a bright light source is much simpler when you don’t have to worry about colliding with anything. If you’re in the woods, the light lets you see more of your surroundings, but it also prevents woodland visitors from making an appearance.

Prevent Disease

How does fire prevent disease? Mosquitoes do not like smoke. If you’re outside, a fire is one of the best places to avoid bugs. In Africa, shepherds build smoky bonfires and have their cattle congregate in the smoke to keep them safe from disease-carrying insects. I’ve been around campfires a lot, and I can tell you it’s not a surefire way, but it does help.


There are several advantages sit near a fire, but some hazards are also. Although they are few and far between, knowing what can go wrong is essential. By its nature, fire is dangerous, and if a stray log or even ash starts a fire where it isn’t supposed to be, you should always have a strategy to put it out. The hazard that must be recognized most is breathing smoke from your fire. It can have carcinogens or things that irritate your lungs and make you uncomfortable for a short time, just like smoke from other sources. Even if you don’t breathe in large amounts of smoke for lengthy periods, you should not get any adverse side effects.


Although sitting by the fire may have a few minor health risks, they don’t compare to all its advantages. You become calmer, safer, and more creative when you’re by the fire. If that doesn’t make you want to start a fire in the backyard right now, I think it’s time to intervene.

You must be wondering if you should have your own fire pit in your backyard after reading all of these advantages of sitting by a fire. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the best firepits.


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