A Complete Buyers Guide To Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are not uncommon to patios. Because they are on the floor, nobody seem to notice or realize it’s there until they step on it. What purpose would you add an outdoor rug on your patio, you ask?

Aside from adding flare to your patios design, outdoor rugs also serve a number of different purposes.

Protect your floor

Some patio floors are made of wood, some are made of expensive marbles or any other material your contractor could think of. For whatever it’s made of, it is very likely that it has a protective finishing layer on top of it. Overtime, that layer gets old and it takes a beating with the daily traffic that goes through it. Outdoor rugs help soften the blow of that traffic as well as outdoor elements like the sun, dust and debris.

Protect you from your floor

Patio floorings can sometimes be slippery especially when it’s wet or even when it’s clean. An outdoor rug that creates a path from one point to another prevents anyone from accidents as well as shows them the path.

Grouping areas

The patio space, regardless of what size it is, would have special spots or corners where everyone in your family would consider to be special to them. Very much because it’s most comfortable to anyone. Outdoor rugs helps define these spaces and make it even more comfortable to everybody else.

Adding accents

For bigger patio areas where some parts appear like it’s a dead space and adding more furniture is at the bottom option, outdoor rugs are likely the best option to make the space more inviting.

Outdoor Rug Material Composition

Natural Woven Fiber Rug

Rugs that are made of materials found in nature. These rugs are very durable and efficient when properly made. Commonly made from grass, jute, or thin wood fibers woven together, this makes them more durable and attractive at the same time.

They are heavier, harder to clean due to it’s weaves and the more expensive option. Because of their organic nature, they tend to build-up molds when left wet or damp.

Synthetic Rugs

These rugs are made of different types of plastics and rubber. Sometimes synthetic rugs are made to mimic the same characteristics and look of a natural rug but they are significantly easier to maintain. Some models can be light for the purpose of making it easier to clean on a regular basis and some are heavier to make them adhere to the floor much better.

Combination of Synthetic and Natural Rugs

Understanding the qualities of both materials and the needs of the users, manufacturers would sometimes combine materials to make both ends meet. Outdoor rugs that can be cleaned and dried easier than a natural rug but they are still just as appealing.

Outdoor Rug Color, Shapes and Size

Outdoor rugs comes in variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Some rugs can look very appealing on the store shelf but may look very different on your patio with the rest of your furnitures. Marking the floor with chalk or masking tape can give you an idea of choices to consider before getting a rug.


Outdoor rugs comes in squares, rectangles, ovals or circles. Some even come in square tiles. The best shape for outdoor rug can be defined other shapes that are near it. Rounded shapes tend to make an area appear smaller and visible corners tend to make an area appear wider.


Measuring the area is always key to choosing any furniture in your home. For an area rug, it is recommended to measure for the minimum acceptable coverage as well as the maximum coverage. Also consider any furniture on the rug and make sure all of it’s legs fit on the rug as it would not be comfortable to sit on a chair with one of it’s foot of the rug.


Any object or architectural detail closest to the floor specially on a confined space would likely be indistinct. Which is why people trip even on the slightest bump. A contrasting color rug apart from your floor is recommended.

Designer TIP:

Consider surrounding furnitures. Choosing a patterned rug design paired with similar geometric shapes and matching hue variations ties up the whole area together.

Caring and Maintenance
Outdoor rugs are very much prone to a definite beating and abuse specially on wet seasons where people stomp their feet on them before entering your home. They would take in so much mud and dirt on a daily basis that it could end up losing its purpose when left uncared for.

On a high traffic area such as a doorway, it is recommended to shake the accumulated debris off on a daily basis and a deep washing on a weekly basis or whenever visible.

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