How to Protect Your Outside Furniture from Fading from the Sun

How to Protect Your Outside Furniture from Fading from the Sun

Outside furniture can suffer significant damage from the sun’s intense UV radiation, causing its color to fade over time. So, what can you do to protect your outside furniture from fading from the sun?  This isn’t something that happens right away, but rather time in the sun will cause it to fade. The otherwise vivid blue color of your preferred patio chair may now have a more light, turquoise tone.

Keep it Covered

Keeping outdoor furniture covered is perhaps the most successful approach to protect from sun fading. It will withstand the sun’s UV radiation as long as there is something covering the furniture. A retractable awning, a roof, or even a large tarp may be used. Naturally, you’ll want to check your furniture regularly throughout the day to ensure that the cover is keeping out all of the sunlight. Because the sun moves from hour to hour, particular periods of the day might expose your furnishings to direct sunlight.

Buy the Right Furniture

Sun fading is more likely to occur on certain types of outdoor furniture. The worst furniture to buy is particle-board furnishings since the low-quality materials result in rapid sun damage. Cedar is a wonderful choice because, like pine, it naturally contains oils that help protect it from fading and other sorts of damage. Its natural oils keep it colored and prevent mildew and mold.

UV Spray Protector

There is, in fact, a product on the market that is designed to protect your outside furniture and other items from UV sun damage. One such protective is Ray Bloc UV Fabric Protector Spray, which is highly effective in this regard. It’s made of a water-based solution that reflects UV radiation. Spraying it on your outdoor furniture won’t prevent it from getting damaged. You may get Ray Bloc UV Fabric Protector Spray at most home improvement stores and similar UV protection sprays.

Replace Faded Cushions

What if the sun has already caused your outside furniture to fade? In most situations, the faded cushions may be replaced. After you’ve determined the size of your current seat cushions, measure them using a measuring tape and look for a matching replacement on the internet. Replacing a seat cushion is more cost-effective than replacing the entire piece of furniture, making it the preferred option for homeowners.


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