How to Refreshen Your Adirondack Chair With a Fresh Coat of Paint

How to Refreshen Your Adirondack Chair With a Fresh Coat of Paint

You could be wondering how to paint Adirondack chairs after the winter bombardment. For the past few months, they’ve been exposed to the weather. Over time, the original paint will fade and flake away. Perhaps you just want to add a color palette to your garden area. However, you do not need to purchase new chairs.

The Adirondack chair, patented in 1905, has become a popular element in many gardens. Read on to learn how to repaint Adirondack chairs and breathe new life into them!

Prepare your chairs

  • Get them inside for a few days to ensure that they are completely dry.
  • Place them in a shed or garage is ideal, but they may also be kept beneath a porch. Spread a drop cloth or a tarp out in a dry location. Use a hand-held electric sander to smooth the chairs.
  • You may also scrape off loose paint using medium-grit or fine-grit sanding blocks. A smooth surface is required for the new paint.
  • A flexible sanding block is recommended to access those tight spaces between the slats.
  • All of the screws should be tightened using screwdrivers. It’s possible that sanding with a powered sander might cause screws to fall out.

Get ready to prime

  • To conceal water stains or knots in the wood, use a sealing primer.
  • You only need one coat for complete protection from future water damage.
  • Tip the chair upside down. First, lay down any portions that will be on damp ground.
  • Use a 2″-wide brush to paint the flat surfaces. A 1″ brush will come in handy for getting between the slats.
  • The gap between the slats must be properly coated with primer.
  • This is the area where you’ll typically find a buildup of water. Use a cloth to clean up any spills from between the slats.
  • Allow the primer to dry thoroughly. Repeat the priming procedure on the upside-down chair.

How to paint Adirondack chairs

  • Turn the chair upside down once more.
  • Over the primer coat, apply your first layer of exterior-grade paint. For better coverage and pigment, use a top-rated exterior paint.
  • Use a 2′′ brush to apply the primer to flat surfaces. A 1″ brush is used between the slats.
  • You can use a clean cloth to wipe away any paint drips between the slats.
  • Allow the bottom to dry thoroughly. Turn it over and repeat the process on the top.
  • Repeat this procedure. After the bottom has dried, paint the top. Over the primer, you’ll want two coats of paint.
  • You can also combine an all-in-one latex primer and paint. This will allow you to prime and paint at the same time.
  • Instead of using specific paint and brushes, you may swap them for universal glossy spray paint. You can also decorate your chairs with stencils and create designs.
  • A coat of polyurethane sealer may also be used as a final touch. That’s especially necessary for regions where the weather is extremes or wet.

Enjoy your new Adirondack chairs

After the paint has dried, you may bring the chair back outside. With such simple upkeep, it’s no surprise that the Adirondack chair has become a classic. Now that you know how to paint Adirondack chairs, you can give all of your garden furniture a fresh new look!


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