When Is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

Patio furniture is an investment in your home and far from an impulse buy, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be looking for the best deal you can. The problem is that you probably never think about updating your current set until the middle of summer when prices are at their highest. Or even worse, your furniture decides to start giving out on you right at peak season.

If you can wait it out or plan ahead, there are multiple times a year that you can find great deals on patio furniture. Depending on what you are looking for and how you plan on shopping for it there are many ways you can go about getting a deal without sacrificing style.

If you are buying at a traditional store, your best bet is to buy in early spring discount sales or late fall clearance sell-offs. Of course, there are other ways to find a discount if stores aren’t keen on offering promotions.

If you are happy to buy online the number of discounts is exponential with off-season sales, overstock pricing, and last season’s styles. Online shopping is the best way to go when you are looking for the best deals, but it is not infallible. Remember when shopping online that these pieces are often heavy and numerous so if you find a site that doesn’t offer free shipping you may end up paying just as much to get the items to your house as you do for the items themselves.

There are a lot of factors that can influence the price as well as your final decision, so it is good to have as much information as possible before you dive into a costly and lengthy decision. To help you make the most informed decision possible I have compiled a bunch of information so you can choose when is the best time to purchase patio furniture.

Fall Sales

Toward the end of the patio season, stores have a lot of extra inventory lying around on the floor and in their back rooms. To move product and make room for the next season’s styles, they will often slash prices. Don’t shop too early though or you may miss out on better deals.



If a retailer is looking to make space quickly, you may start to see some discounts in August, but make sure you check on the supply of the pieces you want. If stores have a back room full of that particular set you want to wait it out because the prices will assuredly fall much further. On the other hand, if it looks like they are selling off their floor model, and you like it, now is the time to buy because when it’s gone.


After Labor Day is when the deals start to heat up. Kids are back in school, and the weather is starting to cool down which means that there is not a lot of time left to enjoy patio furniture. A lack of demand mixed with a need to move bulky patio furniture to make room for seasonal items means steep discounts for you.


October is late in the season and if there are any floor models left it is a good bet that they will have steeply discounted prices. If you wait this long, you will get the best deal you can out of fall sales, but supplies will be limited if there are even any left in October.

Winter Sales

@Patio-furniture_winter-sale-minIf you are buying a patio set for the first time or know that this will be the last season for your old patio set, it is best to wait until winter to make your purchase. Of course, you will be hard pressed to find any physical locations that still have patio furniture in stock so you will need to turn to online shopping.

Online retailers often beat the price of traditional brick and mortar stores, to begin with, because of their lack of overhead. Even without the overhead prices they still have to store products which is a positive for you. In the dead of winter, online retailers can start freaking out that they will never move their products so they will slash the prices to near wholesale just to get them out of the warehouse. Just like traditional retailers, online stores also need to make a little room for the newest products and designs for the spring season.

Getting a great deal in winter is exciting, but there are a few things to take into consideration when going that route. Though the cost and timing of delivery are important factors, the most important thing to think about is where you are going to store an entire patio set until spring arrives.

Spring Sales

If you miss out on fall clearance and winter overstock don’t worry, there is still hope for some discounts in the spring. Though the markdowns won’t be near as steep as fall or winter, you can still save a few dollars by shopping right away in spring. Many times, home improvement stores will mark down new patio furniture just to get people through the door and hopefully close the deal early in the season.

@Patio-furniture_clearance-sale-minThough the discounts aren’t as high, there are still a few pros to shopping in spring. First of all, you are seeing the newest models available so your patio furniture will stay contemporary for a longer time. Secondly, since these are the newest models and the ones that companies want to sell, they will most likely have some in stock that you can bring home today versus waiting days or even weeks for shipping.

On the other hand, if they do not have any in stock, you may have to wait longer than expected for your furniture. Since many people are buying at this time and causing shortages and delays, you may find yourself well into late spring/early summer before you have your new furniture.

When the Experts Say to Buy


Money says that September is the best time to buy patio furniture among other home goods.

Nerd Wallet

Nerd wallet says that the best time to look for sales is between the 4th of July and Labor Day, but that is prime patio furniture time, so if you are lucky enough to find those sales, they will probably not be the best deals out there.

Business Insider

Business Insider says the best time to buy is after Labor Day, but they are not opposed to looking for sales before Memorial Day.


Lifehacker suggests waiting until October to buy your patio furniture which probably nets you big discounts but may also run the risk of limited supply.

Patio Productions

Patio Productions isn’t opposed to input from other experts, but for their money, September is the best time to buy.

Experts may not always agree on the exact month to buy, but it seems that early fall is the overall agreed winner.

What to Look for When Buying Your Furniture

A great deal isn’t a deal at all if you can’t use what you buy. Know what to look for in your patio furniture before you make a purchase that you can’t take back.


@Patio-furniture_size-plan-layout-minBefore you put down big money on a whole patio set, make sure that it is going to fit in the space that you have planned for it. Know the dimensions of the furniture itself, but more importantly, measure the space where the furniture is going to go. Make sure to give yourself extra room for people and chairs to move around the patio.

It doesn’t hurt to grab some tape or chalk and put a few outlines around your patio to plan the best layout. You will have a better idea of what space will look like and how easy it will be to move around the full patio.


@Patio-furniture_shop-minPrice is almost always a reflection of quality, so it is important to do some research before you finally pull the trigger. Make sure that the furniture is made from a quality material that will last you more than a season.

Think about the environment that the furniture is exposed to and if those materials will be able to withstand the elements, especially if you plan on leaving your furniture out over the winter months. If it’s possible, always test your furniture for comfort before you buy.

If you are buying online and a deal seems too good to be true, it is. Be aware of predatory websites that are trying to get your payment information, but don’t plan on sending you anything. Another scam that happens entirely too often is giving you a deal, then sending you small scale furniture that would fit in a dollhouse.


@Patio-furniture_function-minBefore you finalize your plans to buy, make sure that the furniture meets the needs of your lifestyle. A small patio set that only seats four is not going to do much if you have large groups of friends and family coming over every weekend.

If you are short on space, another feature to consider is storage. Items like footstools and benches that can double as storage are fantastic duel feature items that allow you to keep items safe and out of the elements while adding extra seats for large gatherings.

If you plan to leave your furniture out year-round, you will also want to look into covers for items that will not fair well against rain and other outside forces.

Pros and Cons of Where to Buy

Brick and Mortar Stores

Brick and mortar stores used to be the only game in town until the internet came along. Now they have to compete with online retailers which is usually good news for you. Unfortunately, these stores have overhead, so their prices tend to be a little higher than an online store.

What physical stores will always have over online stores is the ability to try before you buy.

Moving Sales

A lot of experts suggest that moving sales are an excellent place to find deals, but I’m not so sure. Moving sales have a lot of benefits like being able to bring home the set the same day and an exceptional price, but they have a lot of downsides.

You have to find a way to move the set from A to B, there is no guarantee that it won’t fall apart on you the second you get it home, and you can’t be sure that you will find a set at all, much less one that you want.

Moving sales can happen at any time, but they are most abundant in late spring and early fall.

Online Stores

@Patio-furniture_online-shopping-minLike in most cases, buying online is going to get you the best deal. You just can’t beat buying offseason from a warehouse that has minimal overhead.

The only problem with buying online is that you can’t try before you buy and while returning patio furniture would be a pain no matter what, it is nearly impossible to do it with an online retailer.

Final Thoughts

As long as you are not buying in the prime patio months, you should be able to find a decent deal on your patio furniture. The further out from the season you get the better the deals will get. Even with its disadvantages, buying online in December and January is the best time to buy for my money.

As long as you follow the suggestions laid out above you will find the perfect patio set for summer fun and still have money left over for a new grill.


Once you buy your patio furniture it’s important to know how to clean and maintain your patio furniture.

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