outdoor patio cover

Best Outdoor Furniture Covers Reviews And Top Picks

outdoor patio cover

Leaving your precious patio investments outside without any protection is asking for trouble. You may start noticing some of your new furniture pieces have started losing their color and have parts growing mold. If you have noticed such things then you need our buyers to guide for outdoor furniture covers.

These covers help protect your outdoor furniture from elements such as moisture, harmful sun rays, and heat.  Without adequate protection, the structural integrity of your furniture can be negatively affected whether they are made of wood, metal or plastic.  

Features to Look for In Outdoor Furniture Covers

No, we are not including plastic sheets in our buyers guide for outdoor furniture covers because they do the opposite of what patio furniture covers are meant to do. They may stop rainwater from reaching your furniture, but good luck when there is windy rain or humidity.  So consider the following when shopping for a patio furniture cover:

Ventilation Vents

Ventilation vents help prevent the accumulation of moisture under the cover. Covers should also be made from breathable material and should have UV protection. These features help prevent mold and mildew from developing on your furniture.

Water repellant

Furniture made from metal can corrode if exposed to humidity and precipitation, and the wood furniture can rot. High-quality covers are constructed from fabric that is water-repellent, which has a superior performance against moisture, including leaks and absorption.

Reinforced Seams

Since covers are exposed to the elements, they should be able to withstand those conditions without easily ripping or tearing. That is why you should always choose the covers with double-stitched seams that offer heavy-duty performance.

Secure Fastening

A cover that properly fits over your furniture does a better job than oversized or undersized covers. Covers that do not fit properly can slip off or can be blown off by the wind.  For a more secure fit, choose furniture covers with a fastener that includes drawstrings, zippers, edging with elastic, reinforced ties or tie downs.

Buyers Guide to Outdoor Furniture Covers

We researched a number of patio furniture covers and these are the ones we think will interest you the most:

AmazonBasics High-Back Chair Patio Cover –Pack

outdoor patio coverThis cover is constructed from a 100% woven polyester fabric with a water-proof undercoating that prevents rain from seeping through. You can also use it during snowy days. The water-resistant top is complemented by the cover’s protective splash guard skirt.

Windy days are no match for this cover because it is equipped with a click-close strap that allows the cover to easily snap around furniture to secure it. You can also use the cover’s loop handles to adjust it and also for easy removal. It also has interlocking seams that enhance the patio chair cover’s strength and durability.

The cover measures 35 inches in length, 28 inches in height and 35 inches in width.

Classic Accessories Veranda Adirondack Patio Chair Cover

outdoor patio coverClassic Accessories patio chair covers have interior bound seams for strength, high-density stitching for durability, padded handles for comfort and matching webbing. The cover is constructed from a water-resistant fabric that has a waterproof backing. It also has a protective dark splash skirt.  

For a custom fit on your chairs, and to protect the cover from blowing off on windy days, you can use the convenient drawstring hem and buckled straps. The air vents on the cover prevent moisture accumulation inside and reduce wind lofting or ballooning. It can fit most Adirondack chairs because it measures 31.5 inches long, 33.5 inches deep and 36 inches high.

There is also a double cover for two Adirondack chairs and its price difference from the single chair cover is negligible.

VonHaus Single Patio Chair Cover

outdoor furniture coverThis cover is made from 600D polyester that has a water repellent and water resistant PVC lining.  The cover protects your furniture from dirt, frost, bird droppings, rain and other unwanted debris. It features an elastic hem with drawstrings as well as toggle and fastening clips that allow for a secure fit.

The VonHaus cover is also UV resistant to protect your furniture from fading caused by harsh sunlight. You can use the handle on the cover for easy fitting or for removing the cover. The air vents protect your furniture from condensation that can cause mold and mildew and also reduce ballooning in winds.

The cover is mostly grey in color but with a beige trim. You can easily clean the 30 inches long, 28 inches wide and 25-40 inches high cover.

AmazonBasics Lounge Deep-Seat Patio Cover

outdoor furniture coverIt is made from 100% polyester fabric that has a waterproof undercoating to prevent rain from seeping through. The cover also protects against snow and other outdoor elements. For a secure fit, it comes with click-close straps that allow it to easily snap around furniture and secure it on windy days.

The cover’s tough, interlocking seams make it durable and strong. The AmazonBasics Lounge cover measures approximately 31 inches in length, 38 inches in width and 29 inches in height. It is easy to maintain and was designed for everyday use.


Bringing it all together

High-quality patio furniture covers are the first line of defense against the elements when the furniture is not in use.  A cover that is fashionable and matches your furniture complements the general look of your patio, but you also need the cover to be durable and have water repellent and resistant backing.

It should also fit securely around your furniture so that it does not balloon or blow off during windy days.

Any good buyers guide for outdoor furniture covers will tell you to:

  • Measure your furniture before buying a cover (width, height, and length for chairs and tables and height for umbrellas)
  • Choose covers that have double stitched reinforced seams
  • Choose water repellent covers to protect your furniture from mold, mildew, corrosion and more
  • Choose covers that fold easily for storage

With this in mind, your patio cover shopping experience will have a greater chance of success. Please add your questions or comments in the comment section below.

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