Tall Adirondack Chairs

Tall Adirondack Chairs

[Updated on 1 June 2020] No backyard is ever complete without an Adirondack chair. This beautiful summer furniture is perfect for patios, decks, or even a random spot in the yard. They’re cool, sturdy, attractive and comfortable. The only downside about this is the low-slung seat, which can cause difficulties for tall people while getting out of the chair. But you can own a tall Adirondack chair to serve purposes for you or your tall friend.

How to Choose Tall Adirondack Chairs

In choosing the perfect tall Adirondack chair, there are various options available. For you to make the right choice, we’ll talk you through all the different areas in this comprehensive buyers’ guide.


Step 1: Are Tall Adirondack Chairs the Right Chairs for You?

A tall Adirondack chair is a heightened type of Adirondack chair (reclined chair with a seat that slopes backward and a back that sits very close to the ground). It’s designed to relax back into, with excellent support for your back and bottom. Its wide arms give you a good grip while getting out of the chair. The increased height is for tall people to get in and out of the chair quickly; a problem much encountered with the normal-sized Adirondack chairs.

Form and Function — Points to Consider

  • Because of its nature, Adirondack chairs are for relaxing and dozing.
  • Ideally, pair a tall Adirondack chair with a footrest for excellent leg support.
  • The wide arms are quite a balance for small plates and drinks.
  • Tall Adirondack chairs often feature contoured seats and backs, for better support.
  • Because of their height, tall Adirondack chairs may not be suitable for short people and kids.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Materials for Your Tall Adirondack Chair.

There are various materials for making tall Adirondack chairs — teak, aluminum, HDPE lumber, and injection-molded plastic are all available. To prevent choosing the wrong materials, there are a few factors to take into consideration:

  • Durability — how well can the material last when it’s left exposed?
  • Maintenance — How easy is it to care for the material?
  • Appearance — How well does the material look as time passes?
  • Design Aesthetic — How good does the design of the piece match my exterior?
  • Comfort — How relaxing and stylish is the material?
  • Weight — How easily can the chair be carried around, and how resistant is it to nature?
  • Price — How much is the chair’s worth?

Teak as a Material for Adirondack Chairs

Teak is an excellent example of the best woods for outdoor furniture. It is even better compared to the likes of the pine, oak, bamboo, or wicker as these other woods do not weather well. Also, they require high maintenance.

Teak — Points to Consider
  • Teak is long-lasting and resilient. This is because it produces oil.
  • It isn’t easy to dent or scratch because it’s a hardwood.
  • It’s resistant to wind, water, and rust and can stay outside all year-round.
  • It’s only available in one “color,” teak.
  • It requires regular maintenance and treatment to avoid “silver patina.”
  • Teak is one of the pricier options for outside furniture.

Aluminum as a Material for Adirondack Chairs

They may not be as popular as some other materials, but we also use aluminum for tall Adirondack chairs. It may lack the comfort and appearance you need but it is a lightweight and durable material.

Aluminum — Points to Consider
  • It is resilient, tough, and easy to maintain.
  • You can leave it outside all year round, with no ill effects.
  • It is highly durable and resistant to water and rust.
  • Lightweight construction means it’s vulnerable to gusts of wind.
  • Aluminum only comes in one color and may not look as good as some other materials.
  • Comfort might be an issue with this material. It isn’t as comfortable as other options.
  • It is inexpensive.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Lumber

HDPE is a synthetic resin. It is for building reliable, high-quality, and durable outdoor furniture. It is costly due to the luxury, resilience, and comfort it provides.

Points to Consider for HDPE Lumber
  • It is easy to maintain, a damp cloth and dish soap does the job.
  • Neither heavy nor light, HDPE is sturdy and wind-resistant. It can be left outdoors all year round.
  • HDPE is highly durable. It also completely resists to nature’s effects.
  • Its comfortability, style, and luxury are just effects of its high-quality, strong, and sturdy construction.
  • HDPE is infinitely recyclable and is often from recycled milk jugs.
  • It is available in diverse colors.
  • The HDPE lumber is produced to last a lifetime; a great reason for its high price.

Injection Molded Plastic

Injection Molded Plastic is a cheap option for outdoor furniture. That doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable or luxurious. It is a perfect option for temporary outdoor furniture or spare chairs for when guests come over.

Points to Consider for Injection Molded Plastic
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance, just a wet cloth and dish soap.  
  • Because of its lightweight, it is vulnerable to wind gusts. Might also be unstable when sat in — often breaks within a year of purchase.
  • It resists water and rust.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • It isn’t fade resistant; therefore, it can lose its appearance quickly, take on stains, and then weather easily.
  • It lacks style and luxury. Craftsmanship is non-existent because it is the most mass-produced.
  • It is inexpensive; the cheapest option of all.

Our favorite material is the HDPE lumber — it’s engineered to endure the test of time. It stays looking great, weather-resistant and durable. It doesn’t take much to maintain and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Step 3: Choose the Right Height and Size for Your Tall Adirondack Chair

Once you’ve decided on the right materials, the next step is to think about the size, height, and spacing of your Adirondack chairs.

Adirondack Chair Sizes

The most common size for an Adirondack Chair is between 36 and 42 inches tall by 30 to 24 inches wide. These chairs can be as deep as 38 inches but are typically between 35 and 38 inches deep, and they weigh 15 to 45 pounds each.
When planning your backyard space, it is ideal to place your Adirondack chairs at least two feet apart, while maintaining at least three feet in front of your chair for easy access. A 10’ x 10’ patio should easily accommodate 3 Adirondack chairs, and depending on the type you chose my accommodate 4.

Adirondack Chair Heights

As a rule – shorter people need shorter seat heights and taller people need taller heights. This not only makes the chair more comfortable, but it makes it easier to get in and out of it.
Anyone under  5’5” should consider a 14-inch seat height. Between 5’6” and 5’10”, a 15-inch seat height will probably be most comfortable. Anyone above 5’10” will probably want 16 inches.

Step 4: Choose the Right Color of Adirondack Chair

If you’re buying a teak or aluminum Adirondack chair, you’re likely to be limited in your choice of colors and finishes. There is a variety of options if you are going for injection-molded plastic or even better HDPE lumber.
These materials are in a variety of shades. From beautiful grays, greens, browns, and other earth colors, through to bright hues of yellow, red, blue, and even more tones that create some real visual distinction.
You can stay with a contemporary look by choosing black or white, or enable a sense of the natural with brown or green. If you feel up for a task, you can also go for some Adirondack chairs that are unfinished. You can create and complete the look on your own.

Step 5: Accessorize Your Adirondack Chair

Finally, you will want to add the perfect accessory to your tall Adirondack chair. We recommend a footstool or an ottoman for your legs so you can sink drop downwards and rest. Cushions and headrest pillows can also be great additions; adding some padding to an already comfortable piece of furniture.
You can even add side tables and other pieces to create a complete set of beautiful furniture.

5 Best Tall Adirondack Chairs for You

Best Budget
Stonegate Designs Tall Unfinished Fir Wood Adirondack Chair
“A beautiful and more budget-friendly option.”
Best Set
Phat Tommy Recycled Poly Resin Balcony Chair Settee
“This set doesn’t compromise on quality or aesthetics.”
Best Plastic/Resin
Phat Tommy Recycled Plastic/Resin Balcony Chair
“Constructed of weather-resistant simulated wood.”
Best Color Options
POLYWOOD SBD24 South Beach Counter Chair
“Comes in a full rainbow of shades.”
Best Wood
Weathercraft Designers Choice Treated Balcony Adirondack Chair with Footrest

Stonegate Designs Tall Unfinished Fir Wood Adirondack Chair

1_StonegateDesignsTallUnfinishedFirWoodAdirondackChairThis tall fir wood Adirondack is perfect for those of us who want a chair elevated to an altitude that suits our thoughts and attitude. It is a great addition to any yard, patio, or deck. This chair features everything needed to while away an afternoon: the high back, wide seat, and comfy armrests. Long-lasting, low-maintenance fir wood comes unfinished and will age into a natural silvery gray color if left unstained. 30in.L x 25 1/2in.W x 51 1/2in.H. Assembly required (instructions included). Tested weight limit. Works great with the tall cedar/fir bar table (sold separately). It is relatively sturdy to relax. A lumbar pillow makes it very comfortable for sitting.


  • Very comfortable
  • Low maintenance required
  • Perfect barstool height
  • It is inexpensive.
  • They come from good rustproof material.
  • They feature an unfinished look so you can customize.
  • They have wide armrests, and contour seat helps in relaxing.
  • They are durable and portable Adirondack chairs.


  • Some assembly is needed, and some people might not appreciate this.
  • Keep in mind that these chairs aren’t foldable.
  • Most of the edges of the wood on this chair are very sharp, not rounded over.

Phat Tommy Recycled Poly Resin Balcony Chair Settee

2_PhatTommyRecycledPolyResinBalconyChairSetteeThis settee is tall enough for you to look over your deck railing. The Phat Tommy Wood Adirondack Chair is an excellent design for maximum comfort and heirloom quality. It comes with two chairs and a center connecting table. The classic and comfortable design comes as a set of two chairs and a center connecting table ideal for setting aside cocktails or a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. The contoured design takes rest to the next level. Balcony settee chair is maintenance-free and made with environmentally friendly recycled poly material and stainless steel fasteners to provide maximum support. Each chair sports wide slats, subtle curves, armrests, a footrest, and an impressive weight capacity of 450-pounds. Best of all, assembly requires no tools and easy. Created for commercial or residential use, chairs stay beautiful year after year with no rotting, splitting or cracking.


  • Chair back and seat contoured for relaxing
  • Triangle shape table 
  • High weight capacity of 450 pounds
  • Weather Resistant
  • Plastic/resin frame material
  • Chairs can be used together or separate.
  • Color-stay Technology


  • Assembly required (might be stressful for some people)
  • More Expensive

Phat Tommy Recycled Plastic/Resin Balcony Chair

Tall Adirondack Chairs_PhatTommyRecycledPlasticResinBalconyChairEnhance your home decor with this great balcony chair that sports an entirely contoured design to provide maximum seating comfort. Two back braces, six back slats, and a footrest deliver strong body support. This recycled Polyresin material is eco-friendly and requires no maintenance. The stainless steel fasteners also ensure high resistance to daily use and wear. Available in nine different colors to match easily with any taste or decor. The clean, straightforward design creates a strong visual impression for a piece that is just as reliable as it looks.


  • Holds safely up to 450 pounds
  • Polyresin and steel construction combines outstanding durability with lesser environmental impact
  • Six back slats and two back braces provide a remarkable body support
  • The fully contoured design delivers pleasant comfort
  • Available in black, blue, brown, red, green, crimson, teal, weather or white color for maximum versatility


  • They need Assembly

POLYWOOD SBD24 South Beach Counter Chair

4_POLYWOODSBD24SouthBeachCounterChairA comfortable footrest and a little extra height make this counter chair stand out in a crowd. It is a Balcony height dining chair that combines Art Deco flair with classic Adirondack style. The South Beach Dining Chair’s design is to withstand a range of climates that include the hot sun, cold winters, and the salty coastal air. This piece is genuinely maintenance-free furniture for the outdoors to last a lifetime, so you can sit back, relax and forget about it! The counter chair includes footrest, arms, and extended back for enhanced comfort. It is great for a casual look elevated dining set or beachside cafe arrangement.


  • Green living: made from recycled materials
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting use and reliable durability
  • Plastic lumber will not rot, crack, or separate, and it is non-porous (will not absorb water)
  • All-weather performance: the chair is impervious to the elements
  • Requires no painting, waterproofing, staining, or similar maintenance
  • Marine-grade quality hardware
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Contoured for greater comfort
  • Footrest for added comfort
  • Available in a wide variety of attractive, fade-resistant colors
  • 20-year residential warranty; 3-year commercial warranty


  • Needs to be assembled. Some reviews point out that the instructions are difficult to follow.
  • The chair is not foldable

Weathercraft Designers Choice Treated Balcony Adirondack Chair with Footrest

Tall Adirondack Chairs -5_WeathercraftDesignersChoiceTreatedBalconyAdirondackChairwithFootrestWhenever you need to create extra seating space on your patio or balcony, this sturdy Balcony Adirondack Chair fits the bill. It is treated with a natural finish that weathers to a silvery patina grey when not treated. It features a high contoured back and seat for added comfort. The pine chair has been pressure treated with eco-friendly protecting preservatives. This chair is also an excellent choice for your apartment balcony or high-rise home. It also features a built-in footrest makes for a comfortable, relaxing sit.
Note: This item is not manufactured for commercial use. Warranty applies to residential use only — manufacturer warranty against artistry and material defects for 1 year from the date of shipment.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Weathers when left untreated to a silvery patina grey
  • Built-in footrest, ideal for balcony use
  • The seat is contoured for the best in comfort


  • Requires assembly
  • Does not fold


Adirondack chairs are classic, comfortable, and stylish, and have a rich history that is typically American. Adding Adirondack chairs to your patio or landscape is a fine choice, and you’ll see that there are many styles to choose from, in every color in the rainbow. If you’re interested in adding Tall Adirondack chairs to your home, then the above Buyer’s Guide will help guide you to your perfect chairs. Should one of these models not be right for you, then continue your search until you find the right model for your lifestyle. One of the main factors you’ll want to consider first is what material you’d like the chair to be made of. You can go traditional with wooden Adirondack chairs, or you can select a plastic chair for easier maintenance and upkeep.
No matter what style or size you choose, you will love having this iconic piece of furniture on your property. They’re very comforting, and your guests and family will enjoy sitting in them on a beautiful summer’s day. Should you want to keep them outdoors year-round, all materials are suitable, but plastic will undoubtedly require the least care. Plastic Adirondack chairs are also more affordable for most people yet provide the same comfort and elegance of wooden models. Ask yourself key questions, such as how you plan to use your chair, where it will be placed, and how you’d like it to fit into your decor; then you’ll be ready to select the perfect chair for you.

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