15 Big Style Ideas for Small Patios

Space issues, poor planning, or personal preference are all reasons why a home has a small patio. Just because your patio space is small doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style or comfort. These 15 ideas to maximize a small patio area are simple, but they will make a big impact on your space.

Declutter1. Clean and Declutter

The first and the best thing you can do in any small space is to get rid of the clutter. Remove any extra objects that don’t serve a purpose on your patio. If they are items that have a use on your patio intermittently, invest in some good-looking storage. Storage equipment that can double as furniture, like footstools or side tables, is a huge benefit.

Once everything has a place, give the entire area a thorough cleaning, you’d be surprised how much bigger a clean space will look.

2. Use a Rug


Rugs serve more than one function in a small area. First, when you are working with small spaces, there is not a lot of room for decoration. With an area with no walls, a rug may be your only option to add some art and color to your space.

Rugs also add an element of safety to your space. When working in small spaces it is inevitable that you will bump into furniture every once in a while, rugs help keep furniture in place and prevent major accidents.

3. Match Shapes


It sounds silly but matching the shape of your patio table to the shape of your patio maximizes the space on the patio. Chai

rs will fit better around the table and allow you for more space on the peripherals of the patio.


4. Find Unique Ways to Green Up Space

Plants bring color and life to a space that can otherwise seem dull. The problem is that plants take up valuable real estate on a small patio, so you need to get creative with their placement. If you are savvy, you can build a vertical garden on a wall, but if you’re like me, that is a pretty daunting task.

GreenSpaceDon’t fret; there are a few other ways you can green up your space with a little less work. Hanging pots are the easiest way you can add plants to a patio. Stakes can be bought at almost any home improvement store and placed around the edges of the patio. These stakes usually take two pots each, so it is important to plan balanced plants.

One more way you can easily green up space without using function is by building (or buying)  a coffee table terrarium. Add a few of your favorite succulents, and you have a beautiful centerpiece that brings life to a small space and holds your drinks.

AddMirrors5. Add Mirrors

A cardinal rule of small spaces is always to add a mirror; the reflection of the mirror makes space look much larger. This rule is for indoor spaces, but it works just as well if not better for outdoor areas. The one problem that you will encounter when using a mirror in an outdoor space is the reflection at certain times of the day putting the sun in your eyes.

6. Go Thin

On a small patio, wide furniture takes up square footage but doesn’t give anything back in return. When you are choosing furniture for your space, choose longer, thinner furniture to maximize its potential. Long tables fit more people around them and benches can seat more than chairs. This style of furniture is also a lot easier to move off to the side if you need more floor space on your patio.

FirePlaceTable7. Fireplace Table

In a big space, you can get away with these elements being separate, but you need to get creative when your space shrinks. Combining the table and the fireplace still gives you the look and feel of a fireplace, but it also provides a place to set your drinks.

If a gas-powered firepit table is not within your reach, look into tabletop fireplaces that are fun and stylish, though you can’t roast marshmallows on them.

8. Collapsible Furniture

If you don’t like the look of all of your furniture being long and thin, you have another option. Folding chairs and collapsible tables offer the best of both worlds. Being able only to use the furniture you need when you need it has a lot of benefits, and when the time comes to transform the patio into a dance floor, you can break this furniture down and set it off to the side.

9. Build-In

It’s not often that you have the luxury, but if you are building a small patio space now is the time to start thinking about saving space. Ask yourself how you can build in elements of a patio you want that will save space later. A few popular ideas are, a fireplace built into the ground and benches built around the perimeter of the patio. Depending on the size and location of your patio there are hundreds of ways you can build in features to take advantage of your space.

10. Use surrounding Architecture

When your floor is small, turn to the walls. If one or more walls locate your patio don’t be afraid to bring them into the mix. Hanging artwork or painting a wall may be the only splash of color that your patio gets. Depending on the material of your wall, retrofitting built-in furniture is also an option.

11. Go Minimalist

How much stuff do you need on a patio? Every person’s taste and desires for their space are different, but if you are someone who likes to do more with less, a small patio is all you need. Of course, going minimalist is not the best option if you entertain a lot of people but if it is just you and one or two other people it is the best option to bring peace and tranquility to the area. A simple café set or a chaise lounge and a side table to set a drink and a book are all you need.

GoVertical12. Go Vertical

This is another interior design trick for small spaces that works just as great outdoors. If you are working with a patio space that has a small footprint but is out in the open a great way to add some style to the area and make it seem bigger is to decorate vertically. This often means elements like vertical gardens, but that is not the only instance. Choosing to decorate with tall bar tables and stools is a great way to go vertical in a functional way.

13. Change the Level

If you are in a position to do some construction, there is a cool way you can set apart your small patio space. By sinking your patio into the ground or raising it one or two steps to create a raised patio you can set this small space apart.

Sunken patios are especially cool because it is like stepping into a private VIP area and the lip around the patio makes for fantastic expanded seating options.

CartWheels14. Employ a Cart with Wheels

A small cart with wheels is one of the most versatile tools you can use on a small patio. Wheels make the cart mobile so it can move around the space easily, even if that means moving it out of the way to create more space. You can utilize a cart in a myriad of ways including a serving tray, a side table, or even a place to put potted plants. Using the cart for decoration allows you to move it from place to place and create fresh looks daily.

15. Choose Smart Lighting Options

SmartLightingWhen it comes to small patios lighting is one of the biggest challenges. No lighting at all makes enjoying your patio to the fullest extent next to impossible, but having lighting has its headaches. The first hurdle is powering the lights, you don’t want to run wires across your patio that you will trip over, but running underground lines is an expensive hassle that most people don’t want.

The great thing about a patio is that it is an outside venue that hopefully gets a lot of sunlight. Solar powered lighting options have come a long way in the past few years and are a legitimate option for lighting your patio without all the wires and headaches.

These lights come in multiple shapes and sizes from tiny tea lights to street lights to perfectly match your needs.

Small Patio Space Isn’t Unimpressive

There are so many ways that you can take advantage of small patio space and often the sky is literally the limit. These areas should never feel confining and are truly a reflection of you. These ideas are a great place to start, but ultimately your vision is what is going to make your small patio space feel like your slice of heaven.


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