Best Folding Adirondack Chairs for 2022

Best Folding Adirondack Chairs for 2022

[Updated on 1 December 2020] It is hard to think of an Adirondack chair without thinking about a lazy Sunday lounging in the backyard. An Adirondack chair can be simply described in a few seconds as a chair with a high back, wide arms, and sloped seat, but those who know a little about them could spend hours explaining the differences between two seemingly similar chairs. Even something as small as two different shades of brown can make a huge difference for some buyers.
Adirondack chairs vary due to several factors, including the material, back shape, assembly required, and a whole host of unique features and accessories that make each chair special. All of these differences may not seem like much, but they have an impact on the overall price and quality of your chair. Finding the perfect chair with all of your desired features (cup holder anyone?) seems challenging, but it is not impossible.
Even when you add the ability to fold your chair, which is not incredibly common for this style of chair, there are still hundreds of options available on Amazon. Choosing a fold-up Adirondack chair that is right for you from a manufacturer that you trust is a challenge. You may think you know exactly what you want, but there may be some important considerations that you hadn’t even thought of yet. The double-edged sword with these chairs is that they last a long time, which is great if you love your chair but not so great if it is not the perfect fit for you.


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Don’t spend hours of your lounging time searching through hundreds of chairs and reading every single review. Instead, read this comprehensive comparison guide of ten of the best folding Adirondack chairs on the market today.

Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair

OutdoorInteriorsEucalyptusThis chair does not fold completely flat, but the way it folds earns it a spot on this list. First of all, the wood itself is beautiful. Eucalyptus is a dark hardwood that is similar to teak in durability and looks; however, unlike teak, Eucalyptus needs to be treated with hardwood oil occasionally. Although this chair is not paintable or stainable, most buyers will be happy with the beautiful natural look for these chairs.

This chair takes minimal assembly, which is easy for most buyers. At under $200, you will have trouble finding a better deal on hardwood furniture than this. It has a curved back, which is both stylish and comfortable. The biggest issue with this chair is that unlike Teak or Redwood, Eucalyptus is prone to crack if you overtighten the screws or carriage bolts. The arms are not especially wide on this particular chair, which is not automatically a bad thing, but it is a characteristic to keep in mind. There are not any accessories that automatically come with this chair, but it has a secret that makes it desirable.
What makes this chair one of the best is the super cool feature of the fold-out ottoman. Thanks to this feature, the chair has three different positions, which make it perfect for everybody in every situation. This is a unique feature that you won’t find in other chairs, which is why this Outdoor Interiors Adirondack Chair is highly recommended.

Merry Garden Foldable Wooden Adirondack Chair

MerryGardenFoldableThe first thing that comes to mind when you see this chair is probably how plain it is, but that only means that the possibilities are endless. This chair is paintable or stainable to match the exact look you are trying to meet. The base finish, deep seat, and ergonomic design are only the beginning with this fantastic chair.

Assembly of this chair takes a little under an hour for most people, but there is more assembly required than most other chairs shipped to your house. Still, at just around $50, you can’t expect much more than the base materials. The wood is fir, which is weather resistant but prone to scratching and denting, but stands up well in adverse weather conditions. With a flat fanned out back and slightly rounded front Merry Garden does as little as possible to make these true Adirondack chairs. These chairs won’t last a lifetime, but they are a good starter chair.
This chair folds flat and is relatively light, which is excellent for storage and even better for travel. It is rare to find an Adirondack chair with this feature and especially at this price. Though there are a few complaints about this chair, it is a sturdy, reliable, budget-friendly piece and with so many possibilities, it would be hard not to put this chair on the list.

Highwood Hamilton Adirondack Chair

Highwood HamiltonThis chair is not made from real wood, but you wouldn’t believe that by looking at it. Highwood takes great pride in the look of their chairs, and you can see it in the texture of the polywood. Since this chair is Polywood, it comes in several different colors, including a few two-tone designs that are appealing to even the pickiest decorator.

These Adirondack chairs are made to take a beating with high-quality parts that make them ok to leave out year round. They believe in their product so much that they give it a twelve-year warranty. A gently curved back and different reclining positions let you sink back into this chair and find the perfect position for ultimate relaxation. The design sports a great rounded front and wide arms perfect for setting a glass of wine.
The price for this chair is higher than a lot of softwood options, but all of the extra features make the extra money worth it. Not only do you know you are guaranteed a chair for twelve or more years, but you also get one that folds completely flat if you need to move or store it. One last benefit of this chair is that, while some assembly is required, it is minimal compared to similar chairs or other poly furniture.

Polywood Colors Collection

Polywood Colors best folding Adirondack chairs These folding Adirondack chairs are certainly a sight to behold with unnatural colors that are sure to make an impression. One look at the colors of these chairs lets you know that they are poly furniture not real wood, though they are textured to still look like wood. If you are looking for something that is out of the ordinary, these are the chairs for you.

Polywood is made from recycled plastic. Poly lumber is not only great for the environment, but it also makes these chairs incredibly durable. Unlike wood chairs, poly lumber chairs will not splinter or crack due to the elements. The traditional high rounded back is not only for looks, but it also makes the chair comfortable for people of almost any size. The arms of this chair are not too wide, which is a bummer, but it’s not the end of the world.
This is another chair that is above the $200 range, but quality comes at a price. Though these chairs are foldable for easy storage, since they are made from poly lumber, they can be left out year-round with no maintenance required. Assembly of these chairs is basically nonexistent with the only work on your part being to unfold the chairs and put a couple of stainless steel pins in. Cleaning is also a breeze, with only needing a mild dish soap and a soft-bristle brush. If you haven’t cleaned your chair in a while you can try a 1500 psi (or less) pressure washer.

Denise Austin Home Milan Brown Outdoor Folding Wood Adirondack Chair

Denise Austin Home best folding Adirondack chairs These chairs are everything you could ask for from an Adirondack chair. They are about as simple as you can get and that is a good thing. Though their natural wood coloring is beautiful by itself, you can stain or paint this wood to meet your desired look.

These chairs are made from a softer wood, but are still durable and support weights up to 300 pounds. They have a classic Adirondack back that is a little shorter than others, which is great for a smaller person but may not be a match for tall people. One other downside to this smaller chair is that it doesn’t come with a footrest of any kind. The arms of these chairs are one of their best features with a thin back and wide front that is perfect to rest your arm and your drink on.
The smaller size and basic design make these economy chairs that are great for the outdoor stylist that is on a budget. The small size also makes these chairs easier to store when the time comes. If you treat these chairs, they could probably stay outside year round, but for assurance, it is better to fold them up and store them in a dry place. These chairs require some assembly which takes about an hour for most people.

Kilmer Creek Folding Natural Cedar Adirondack Chair

Kilmer Creek best folding Adirondack chairs If you take one look at these chairs, you will immediately fall in love. Since this wood is resistant to the elements and it is already so beautiful in its natural state, you don’t need to paint or stain this chair. If you don’t want the chair to gray over time naturally, you can finish it with a clear sealant that protects the wood from natural aging due to sunlight.

The high fanned out backs on these chairs look majestic and support tall and bigger bodied individuals. Thanks to the strength of cedar wood, this chair supports a fair amount of weight. It is hard to find a complaint about these chairs, but if you had to find one, it would probably be the lack of a footrest or other accessories. Unlike other chairs with rounded armrests, Kilmer Creek took a design risk with square armrests that may not look refined, but they are perfect for holding a drink.
With a price tag under $150 per chair, you’ll feel like you got a deal when you see the quality of this furniture. Thanks to their natural element resistance, these chairs won’t rot, rust, or warp if left out all year. There is minimal assembly required to go from the box to lounging on the patio, and when it is time to put these chairs away, they fold into a perfect compact shape for easy storage.

Trex Folding Cape Cod Adirondack Chair

Trex Folding Cape CodThis is another high-end folding adirondack chair made from durable and environmentally friendly polywood. Since these chairs are made from recycled plastic, they can’t be painted or stained, but the Trex collection comes in several elegant colors. Trex chairs don’t have the feel of real wood, but they are textured to look like the real thing.

These chairs come in a pretty standard size and shape from the seat all the way up to the rounded back. They may look standard, but they are as tough as can be due to the recycled plastic and stainless steel used in their creation. There is little to complain about with this furniture other than a lack of accessories and the fact that the armrests are a little on the thin side.
The extra money that you spend on these chairs is worth it when you find out that some of them come assembled right out of the box. For the models that do need assembly, it is minimal and should take less than half an hour. These chairs fold for easy storage, but they will fair fine if left outside all year.

ECCB Outdoor Outer Banks Deluxe

ECCB Outdoor best folding Adirondack chairs This is the classic recycled plastic foldable Adirondack chair, and possibly the best all-around folding Adirondack chair that you will find. It does everything that any other chair can do and then some. The Outer Banks Deluxe is a faux-lumber chair so it can’t be painted, but that complaint is easily cured by the wide selection of colors that this chair comes in. Colors range from more subdued browns that look like real wood to bright and wild colors that will make a visual impact on your outdoor space.

One of the many great features of this chair is its size. It is purposely oversized to fit bigger-bodied individuals or let more than one person or animal sink in. Thanks to its recycled plastic material, this chair is durable and can support more weight than similar wooden chairs. The plastic also makes this chair resistant to the elements. There are even more features that make this chair exciting like the rounded front that makes it more comfortable to put your feet up and the included cupholder that you won’t find with other brands. The company believes in their product so much that they give it a limited lifetime warranty for residential use.
At around $200 these chairs are reasonably priced, especially when you consider all of the extra features you get. There is minimal assembly acquired for these chairs, and the instructions are quick and easy. The fact that this chair folds doesn’t make it special but how smoothly and easily it folds is just one more awesome feature of this item.

Best Choice Products Classic Wood Adirondack Chair

Best Choice Products Classic best folding Adirondack chairs Sometimes classic is the best route, especially if you are on a budget. These chairs are unassuming, which is part of their charm, but they are a much better chair than what initially meets the eye. The chair comes pre-stained, which some people may not like, but it is paintable, so the color possibilities are endless.

Best Choice’s classic Adirondack chair is average sized, but its durable wood construction lets it support weight up to 350 pounds. The backrest is a little taller than similar chairs in this category, and when combined with the weight capacity, this becomes one of the best Adirondack chairs for tall people. The seat is not as rounded in the front as one would like and the armrests are pretty thin. There are also no accessories that come along with this chair, which is a bummer, but those downsides are reflected in the price.
These chairs are simple, but you won’t find a better chair for the price. At under $60, you can buy a whole set of chairs for less than a few of the polywood options. The downside is that wood versions take a lot more care and upkeep than faux lumber versions. This model does require full assembly, but it’s pretty easy and should take the average person less than an hour per chair. Folding this chair is smooth, and it folds almost flat.

Plant Theatre Adirondack Folding Hardwood Chair

Plant TheatreIf your chair has to be the real deal, then this is the chair for you. The manufacturers have hit on everything you want from a hardwood Adirondack chair and they an amazing job. No need to stain or oil these hardwood chairs out of the box because Plant Theatre has already done that for you. Though there is no way to change the color of your chair, most people will be happy with the medium stain that the company has chosen.

Everything about this chair screams comfort from the slightly fanned out back to the wide tilted seat. Even the armrests have been made wider for comfort and convenience. The hardwood used in the construction of this chair is sustainable, which is better for the environment and keeps the price down. Hardwood is also durable, so this chair resists bumps and scratches and can support weights up to 250 pounds. While they are sold separately, Plant Theatre has a ton of accessories that are easily available for purchase including matching folding side tables and different colored seat cushions to match your outdoor color scheme.
For less than $200 per piece, these chairs are an incredible deal, especially when you think about the fact that the labor of staining the chair is done for you. There is some assembly required for these chairs, but it is quick and painless. These chairs fold nearly flat, which makes them easy to move and easier to store in the offseason.

What More to Consider

When the time comes to buy or replace your Adirondack chairs, you don’t want to do it on a whim. Though every chair is a place to set your bottom, they are not all made equally, and with chairs that last a lifetime, you want to make sure that you get it right the first time.
When you are going to decide which chair is best for you, it is also crucial to look at the space that the chair will occupy. Ask yourself whether the chair will fit in that space and if there will be room to move around. Take inventory of the decor and note if the chair or its accessories will match or stand out against other existing outdoor furniture and decorations. This will help you decide between classic full-size Adirondack chairs, reclining Adirondack chairs, or even Adirondack chair rockers with an ottoman.
Choosing a folding option is a smart move because it makes for easy storage, which is essential in a lot of regions with unpredictable weather. When deciding on the type of chair, you will buy think about if you have room to store the chairs and if your chairs would survive if left out indefinitely. Make sure to look into any extra care needed for each chair and their material type along with any other factors you need to know about or prevent depending on your geographical region.
Most folding Adirondack chairs don’t come with additional accessories, but some companies offer matching accessories with their chairs. Some of the more popular accessories to look for include ottoman footstools, cushions, and attachable cup holders. It is always a good idea to buy these accessories at the same time you buy your chair to ensure that the style and materials match perfectly.
One more thing to consider is whether or not the chair comes with a warranty. If a chair is not warranted by the manufacturer that doesn’t automatically make it a bad chair but having that warranty gives you peace of mind that you are buying a quality outdoor furniture product.
The good news is that there is a chair on this list for every need and budget. Whether you are looking for a more natural look or a wild color, whether it needs to be natural wood or if faux wood is just fine, these chairs are all highly recommended and will make your outdoor space feel like the perfect extension of your home.

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