5 Best Plastic Adirondack Chairs

5 Best Plastic Adirondack Chairs

Best plastic Adirondack chairs are essential for hosting outdoor events in your yard. These chairs are light, comfortable, and easy to clean.

They are also more comfortable sleeping and are far less likely to break or decay. In addition, because they are made of metal, they are far more durable and will never rot or collapse. They are constructed of natural wood in appearance and feel, thanks to recent technological advancements, so they’re a win-win-win situation!

For our list, we visited various stores and found the five best Adirondack plastic chairs available on the market today. We discovered that the Highwood AD-CHL1-NBE is the finest model among the several studied alternatives. The lightest chair in the world, yet it boasts an incredible capacity. It also has real steel hardware, assuring long-term durability. The chairs on our list would make wonderful choices, so be sure to carefully study our reviews to find the best chair for your needs.

We started by looking at the materials used to construct each chair, which will influence how long-lasting and durable each design is over time. Then we took a look at each chair’s overall measurements and weight capacity. The sizes of the chairs that you’ll receive will let you know who is allowed to sit on them and where they may be positioned on your patio or deck area. Now that you’ve finished reading this review let’s look at some of the characteristics and benefits of these chairs in more detail. After careful study, we compiled comprehensive evaluations for each chair and an in-depth buying guide. You can select the best chair that is suited for your requirements to ensure that you may be as comfortable as possible while entertaining in your backyard.

Quick Summary

Highwood AD-CHL1-NBE

“A chair with a lightweight frame that may be moved about without difficulty but is made from a very robust plastic to support weight up to 400 pounds.”

Trex Outdoor Furniture Cape Cod Adirondack Chair

“This chair is proudly produced in the United States, and it will last even if you subject it to the most extreme weather conditions.”


“It is made from HDPE recycled plastic; this foldable Adirondack chair is available in 14 colors to suit your exterior.”

PolyTEAK Classic Folding Poly Adirondack Chair

“This four-piece countertop set includes one end table, two side tables, a coffee table, and six chairs. It’s made of poly-lumber and is reminiscent of real wood.”

POLYWOOD Vineyard Adirondack Rocking Chair

“If you add the comfort and ease of an Adirondack chair to the mix like this model does, it can provide much more comfort and rest.”

Top 5 Plastic Adirondack Chairs Review

1. Highwood AD-CHL1-NBE

If you’re in the market for the best overall plastic Adirondack chair, this may be the first model you want to look at. The first thing you will know about this gear is its extremely high weight capacity, despite being one of the lighter models available. Although this model weighs only 33 pounds, it can support up to and including 400 pounds. It’s a wonderful choice for people who want to entertain their pals, regardless of their size. It’s incredibly lightweight, making it ideal for anybody who wants to shift their furnishings from time to time. Because it won’t be too difficult on your back, it’s also great for people who like to move their furniture frequently.

Now, while the lighter design of this chair may appear to be a disadvantage, it is not. The chair’s hardware is extremely tough and resistant to weather. This hardware is constructed of 304-grade stainless steel, which is rustproof and weatherproof, even if you leave the chair in the rain.

There is another benefit of this chair that it may be folded up for convenient transportation or storage. Even if you only plan to use these chairs for a day or go on vacation with them, they’ll fit in any suitcase.

The chair’s other advantage is the seat. This Adirondack chair style has a higher seat than many others, making it simpler for people to get in and out. The one disadvantage of this otherwise fantastic design is that the seat isn’t wide. It may still accommodate the majority of consumers, but it will not be as roomy as they would desire if they are on the larger side.

What We Like
  • It comes in lots of colors
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • High capacity
  • Foldable
  • Good seat height
What We Don’t Like
  • Not very wide


Material: Polywood lumber | Colors available: 14 | Dimensions: 36 x 34 x 29 inches | Capacity: 400 lbs | Weight: 33 lbs

More features: 304 Grade Stainless Steel hardware


2. Trex Outdoor Furniture Cape Cod Adirondack Chair

This is the one for you if you’re looking for a chair that won’t need to be put away each year and can withstand whatever mother nature can dish out. This chair is constructed of highly long-lasting Polywood lumber. This waterproof plastic timber has been prepared and produced in the United States to be completely weatherproof. It will endure whatever the weather throws its way, and it will continue to look fantastic. This is a big surplus for people who despise cleaning and prefer to use their chairs as much as possible.

This chair is quite important since it can support up to 400 lbs. It’s also thicker in the seat and back, making it more durable. Although this chair is thicker than its competitors, it is not all that heavy. In reality, this design only weighs 37 pounds. The material is extremely light, making it simple to move about with.

The only caution with this chair is that the arms might bend if you put too much weight on them when standing up. This can be avoided if you put your hands on the arms’ extremities. If you inadvertently press the middle from time to time, the chair will not be harmed. If you always keep your hands in the center of your arms, they may break down with time.

What We Like
  • Made in the USA
  • Weatherproof
  • High capacity
  • Lightweight
What We Don’t Like
  • Arms flex if weight is applied


Colors available: 7 | Material: Polywood lumber | Capacity: 400 lbs | Weight: 37 lbs | Dimensions: 38.5 x 31.25 x 33.75 inches

More features: weatherproof; made in the USA



Many people often like to think that the more expensive something is, the better its quality. To an extent, this is true. However, it is not always the case. Even though this chair isn’t the most expensive on the market, it delivers a lot of value for what it costs. This chair, for example, is one of the most durable on the market. This is owing to the high-quality hardware. The bolts and screws that hold this chair together are marine-grade steel, so you’ll never have to worry about rusting.

This model’s other advantage is that it is composed of recycled plastic, which is not the case with many of the different models on the market. This plastic is not only extremely long-lasting and comfy to sit on, but it is also better for the environment. Because this chair was not created from new plastic, you may be sure that it reduces pollution on our planet.

This type has the most customization choices, with all of the chairs on our list available in various colors. If you choose to purchase this chair, you may select from 15 distinct shades, making matching your outdoor decor much simpler.

One thing to note before purchasing this chair is that it’s a lightweight, high-capacity model. This chair is made very low from the ground. This is a very pleasant posture, but it might be more difficult for older people or anybody with knee problems to get out of it when they are ready to stand up.

What We Like
  • Lots of colors available
  • Foldable
  • Made with marine-grade hardware
  • Made with recycled plastic
  • High capacity
What We Don’t Like
  • Low to the ground


Colors available: 14 | Material: POLYWOOD lumber (HDPE recycled plastic) | Capacity: 400 lbs | Dimensions: 32.75 x 35.25 x 29 inches | Weight: 37 lbs

More features: marine-grade quality hardware; foldable


4. PolyTEAK Classic Folding Poly Adirondack Chair

One of the most common problems with an Adirondack chair is difficult to store. This is partly because they are considerably more significant than a chair of normal size. To prevent this problem, numerous producers build their chairs to be portable. However, many models are ineffective since they just fold part of the way. Fortunately, this chair is rather different when it comes to this topic. If you decide to fold this chair, you may fully fold it up, making storage a lot easier, especially if space is limited.

This chair is also significantly lighter than most of its competitors. It’s little more than 30 pounds and can be carried easily from one location to the next. This chair is light and easy to store, so it would make an excellent piece of furniture to bring when traveling, even if your storage space is limited. It is also water-resistant, which makes it ideal for various weather conditions.

The only thing to be concerned about with this chair is its lower weight capacity than other models. This chair can only support up to 300 pounds, but it is not flimsy. It’s also a little narrower than other chairs, so keep that in mind when making your final decision since it won’t be able to accommodate larger folks well.

What We Like
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Water-resistant
  • It comes in lots of colors
What We Don’t Like
  • Lower capacity than competitors


Material: Poly-lumber | Colors available: 6 | Dimensions: 29 x 35 x 37 inches | Capacity: 300 lbs | Weight: 31 lbs

More features: foldable; water-resistant


5. POLYWOOD Vineyard Adirondack Rocking Chair

When it comes to furniture for the porch or backyard, two different chairs come to mind. The Adirondack chair and the classic rocker are two examples. This type may be used to create a beautiful piece of furniture that combines these two chairs into one. This chair allows you to sit back and relax as you would in a regular Adirondack chair and rock as you would in a rocker. This will give you an extremely comfortable seating experience that will put your mind at ease.

It’s also one of the most long-lasting chairs on the market. This is due to its extra-thick construction, so it’s so durable. Although this thickness is wonderful for the long run, it comes with a significant weight. This chair weighs about 44 pounds, making it one of the heavier available chairs. This is still light enough to transport easily compared to a wooden model. This chair has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, as you would expect from such a sturdy piece.

Another pro of this chair is that it is constructed of recycled plastics and comes in various colors. This recycled plastic is eco-friendly, and the many hues enable you to integrate your entertaining outside space with your home décor. This chair is also color-stain resistant, which means the colors will stay vibrant and new for a long time.

What We Like
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • High capacity
  • Color-stay technology
  • Rocks
  • It comes in lots of colors
What We Don’t Like
  • Heavy


Material: POLYWOOD lumber (HDPE recycled plastic) | Colors available: 12 | Dimensions: 37 x 35 x 29.5 inches | Capacity: 400 lbs | Weight: 44 lbs
More features: color-stay technology; contoured seat


Things to Consider

We’ll go through all you need to know about selecting the suitable plastic Adirondack for your needs in this section. We’ve also spent the time to respond to a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding these fantastic chairs, so don’t forget to read through them if you need any further information.

Benefits of plastic chairs over wooden ones

There are several advantages to choosing a plastic Adirondack chair over a wooden one. The following are some of them:

More durable – The most significant advantage of purchasing a plastic piece of furniture is that it will last longer than wood. Plastic can withstand many punishments, whether it comes from the environment or someone who decomposes it from wood. Plus, wood will split and break over time, especially if the chairs are left outside in the weather. It won’t happen with plastic, which is a huge advantage.

Cheaper – Anything constructed of plastic will be far less expensive than the identical item been built of wood. The end result is simply because of the various manufacturing processes. Plastic is much easier to mold and shape than wood, which requires a lot of labor to make a chair.

Lighter – If you have a patio or a deck, it’s almost sure that you’ll need to modify it several times for cleaning or parties. Plastic Adirondack chairs are extremely light, with the heaviest weighing less than 40 pounds. Compared to wooden models, they are particularly simple to transport from one place to another because of their small weight.

Less maintenance – Permanently, plastics are not the same as wood, which must be refinished or painted after a while. If you want to show them your best, you must spray them off once or twice a year, which is a major time-saver.

Features to consider when selecting a plastic Adirondack chair

Choosing the finest-rated plastic Adirondack chair for your yard may be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for. When selecting the best-rated plastic Adirondack chair for your yard, there are several features to consider. We’ll look at everything you need to know in this section, including how to choose the best chair for your needs.


When determining your chair’s material, you have two alternatives. Poly-lumber is a term that refers to both of these materials. However, the difference is whether the plastic is freshly made or made from recycled plastic, called HDPE recycled plastic. You would not have to be concerned about replacing these materials in a few years because they’re both long-lasting and will last you long. Of course, if you buy a recycled plastic chair like the POLYWOOD AD5030WH, you will be getting a wonderful chair and be supporting the environment because the plastic has been recycled.

Colors available

One of the essential things to consider when purchasing new furniture is whether it complements your current decor. You should make sure that you find a chair that comes in the color you want for your backyard space. Fortunately, many of the chairs on our list, such as the Highwood AD-CHL1-NBE, which comes in 14 different shades, come in various colors. If you’re unsure what color you want, the POLYWOOD AD5030WH is a better option since it comes in 15 different colors.

Overall dimensions

Another critical element to consider is the size of your new chairs. Plastic Adirondack chairs are typically larger than other patio chairs, so if you have a small outdoor space, make sure you get a chair that won’t be too big. The PolyTEAK Classic Folding Poly Adirondack Chair could be good if you have a limited area. If you have a larger space, then the size of the chair isn’t an issue; the POLYWOOD Vineyard Adirondack Rocking Chair is a wonderful option.

Seat height

Another thing to think about is the overall height of each chair’s seat. Plastic Adirondack chairs are known for their comfortably reclined design. However, because of their construction, this design makes getting out of them considerably more difficult, especially if you have any mobility problems. The solution to this is to obtain a chair with a big seat because it will prevent you from flexing your knees too much, making getting up considerably easier.


The dimensions of the whole chair will impact where you will utilize it, considering the folded sizes. The size of the folded chair will tell you where you can put it during the winter months when it’s not in use. Even if all of the fold seats will decrease in size, the PolyTEAK Classic Folding Poly Adirondack Chair is your best alternative if you have a restricted storage area.


One of the most common reasons individuals are unsure if wood or plastic is the superior material for Adirondack chairs is their concern about capacity. Thankfully, even though plastic is much lighter than wood, the people using the chairs don’t need to be. For example, the ability of the Highwood AD-CHL1-NBE is 400 lbs. For most sitters, this should be more than enough. The weakest chair on our list is the PolyTEAK Classic Folding Poly Adirondack Chair, which can support a weight of 300 lbs.


There is one of the most important advantages of buying a plastic Adirondack chair is that they are simple to move from place to place. Plastic chairs generally weigh around 35-40 lbs, which is considerably lighter than wooden chairs, weighing up to 50 or 60 lbs.

Other features

Although Adirondack chairs are all similar, there are a few design elements to consider. For example, the POLYWOOD Vineyard Adirondack Rocking Chair can rock. This combination design is comfortable, perfect for a lazy afternoon with friends and family.

You want to consider looking for a chair with waterproof or water-resistant hardware. The weather will not affect the plastic, but the hardware may be. The final thing you want is your new chairs to get ruined by ugly rust spots.


Are there any tools required?

While most chairs are already put together, those that aren’t will need to be assembled with a wrench or ratchet. They do not require any type of tools to put them together, even when folded.

Are wood or plastic Adirondack chairs better?

Plastic Adirondack chairs do not require staining or sealing and are often easier to maintain than wood. While not as light as wood, some more durable resins weigh almost as much as their all-natural counterparts.

What maintenance do such chairs need?

Otherwise, these chairs will soon get filthy and unsightly. Apart from tightening the bolts that connect the components regularly, you should wash them every few weeks or at least once a month. That will prevent mold or mildew from developing on them. This, in turn, will keep them looking their best every time.

Can a plastic Adirondack chair be taken outside at all times?

Plastic chairs are more long-lasting than their wooden counterparts, making them ideal for keeping outside. The chairs should last for many years if you clean them off every few weeks or at least once a month.

Are plastic Adirondack chairs comfortable?

Outdoor furniture made of plastic is a cheap alternative, but it is not comfortable or luxurious. When visitors arrive, it’s a decent choice for temporary outdoor furniture or spare chairs.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for the best overall plastic Adirondack chair, the Highwood AD-CHL1-NBE should be your first choice. The cushions on this chair are very light, yet they have a tremendous load capacity. It also comes in various colors and is constructed with incredibly long-lasting hardware. We strongly request you to consider this option.

If you live in an area where is harsh weather or don’t want to worry about storing your Adirondack chairs, the Trex Outdoor Furniture Cape Cod Adirondack Chair is your best choice. They are waterproof, which makes them exceptionally long-lasting.

The POLYWOOD AD5030WH is the finest value plastic Adirondack chair because it has more features than other models that are available for an equal price. These chairs are composed of recycled plastic and include marine-grade hardware, allowing you to exhibit them in various bright colors.


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