Top Firepit Enhancement Ideas In 2019

There are few greater joys in life than sitting around a campfire on a cool summer evening. If you have never tried it before I recommend that you do it as soon as possible, but if you are a seasoned campfire vet you are probably looking for ways to make your experience even better. Enhance your firepit and your evenings with these ideas that will take nights to the next level.

Seating Options

A firepit is nothing if you can’t sit around it telling stories and roasting marshmallows. Luckily, there is no shortage of awesome seating options to enhance your firepit.

Adirondack Chairs

@Firepit_Adirondack-ChairsAdirondack chairs are the best chairs to have in any outdoor setting. Their natural sloping design makes them perfect for lounging by the fire in the back yard. Of course, there is the danger of putting a wood chair next to a fire, but that is pretty unanimous around all outdoor seating options, and they can always have a flame-retardant finish put on them. When it comes to lounging around my backyard fireplace, these are my go-to choice.


Benches are one of the more popular forms of seating when it comes to campfires because it allows multiple people to sit around the fire at one time. Because of their shape, benches can form a square around the fire for maximum capacity which is great for parties or big families. The only problem with benches is a lack of back support and an inability to easily add cushions make them uncomfortable to sit on for long periods.

Outdoor Couches

@Firepit_CouchesOutdoor couches are awesome; they are often made of wicker and come with thick cushions that make them both comfortable and stylish. Most of these couches come in an L shaped design which allows two of them to combine and wrap around the firepit. While you could spend all day on one of these, they are the most expensive seating option, and they can’t be too close to the flame for fear of the cushions catching on fire.


Poufs, or even bean bag chairs, are an amazing seating option to keep around the firepit. They are versatile enough to use as a chair or a footrest, and they are light so they can be moved around as needed. These fluffy seating options are also relatively inexpensive which is another plus. Like other options on this list, they do have downsides; they can’t get too close to the fire and unless they are made specifically for the outdoors, one night in the rain can leave them a moldy mess.

Patio and Camping Chairs


Lastly, I’d be remiss not to mention some tried and true options when it comes to sitting around the fire. Plastic patio chairs and canvas camping chairs are both economic options for sitting around the firepit, but they don’t look nearly as nice as the other seating choices. It also bears mentioning that these options are often cheap and won’t last through more than a season or two.

Where Life Happens

Firepits are one of the best additions you can make to an outdoor living space, but a lot of life happens around that fire.  Enhance your firepit this year by adding pieces around it to make sure you never need to leave the backyard.

Patio Umbrellas

@Firepit_umbrellaThese umbrellas are surprisingly multipurpose; they keep the sun off of you on hot days and protect you and the firepit from rain on those days where a little drizzle won’t keep you from enjoying the summer. They are available in standalone varieties along with designs specifically meant for patio tables.

Patio Tables

Patio tables may not be directly related to firepits, but they are an important part of the outdoor living set. While the two seem like they should be kept apart from each other, patio tables often come with built-in seating that can pull double duty as extra seating around the fire. They also offer up space to set food and drinks while lounging around the fire.


If you don’t love the idea of cooking over your firepit but still want to eat some hot food by the fire, then a nice grill is the perfect addition to the back yard. Installing a brick grill will not only allow you to save room in the firepit for marshmallows, but it also looks beautiful when it’s not in use.

Side Tables

@Firepit_Side-Tables-1915555How do side tables enhance a firepit? In an infinite amount of ways. Side tables are a must-have tool when it comes to lounging by the fire. They can not only hold drinks, food, and phones, but they can also hold the tools that you need to care for and improve the firepit. A side table, preferably matching your chairs, is one of the best items you can buy to compliment your backyard experience.

Bug Repellent

This is a much-overlooked aspect of enhancing your firepit experience. Nothing is worse than trying to relax around the fire while being eaten alive by mosquitos. The smoke from the fire does help to scare a few of those pests away, but it is a smart idea to invest in a candle, zapper, or another similar device to try to keep the bugs out of your face without having to cover your body in chemicals.

All the Best Accessories

The other categories will enhance your total experience around the firepit, but to enhance your experience with the firepit itself you want the best accessories you can find. These are a few ideas of must-have tools to keep around your pit.

Fire Wood Racks

If you plan on spending a lot of your time around the fire then you better make sure that you have enough fuel for it. Firewood racks are a great way to keep that firewood stocked and organized, but they are also a design element. Many racks have ornate designs that fit well into backyard décor while remaining functional.  

Kindling Splitter

We don’t always have control over the size of the wood that we get for our firepit, so it is great to keep a wood splitter around to break bigger pieces of wood apart. These simple devices are relatively safe and easy to use. Though they are not the prettiest to look at, you can keep them next to or behind your wood rack, and no one will even notice them.

Fire Tools

There are some tools you need to care for your fire and make it a safe and enjoyable experience. Much like a fireplace that you would find in a home, you can use a bellow to stoke the fire and poker to break up and move around wood inside the fire. A good pair of firewood tongs is also a must as it allows you to add a log to a raging fire easily or precisely move a log that is already in flames.

When it comes time for clean up, it helps to have a shovel to scoop up some of the ashes. Though it is not necessary, having a broom specifically meant for the patio around the fire is helpful, so you don’t get soot all over a broom that you also use in the house.

Decorations and Flame Enhancements

@Firepit_campfire-Summer-eveningFireplace decorations are numerous, especially if you are using a gas fire pit – which has its pros and cons. There are many kinds of crystals, rocks, and broken glass (yes, seriously) that are used to decorate the inside of the firepit and enhance its natural beauty even further.

Flame enhancements are something else entirely that makes for a magical night that people of all ages will love. Mostly sold as crystals or powders, these enhancements go right in the fire, and through the power of science, change the flames different colors. Even as an adult it is cool to see the flames dance around in different shades of pink and green.


A cover may not seem like much of a fireplace enhancement, but you’ve probably never seen what a few nights in the elements can do to a firepit. A good cover saves you a lot of money in the long run and prevents accidents from happening. I had firepit rust through on the bottom, and I thought it was just fine until my entire fire fell through the pit and onto my patio. Luckily everything was fine, but it is still a good cautionary tale.

Always wait until the fire is completely out and cold to prevent accidents, then cover it to protect it from the rain that can cause unrepairable damage.

Wrap Up

Firepit technology is not an area that has experienced great strides in innovation over the past few decades, but companies are always coming out with better ways to enhance our backyard experience with the same old stuff. If you can manage to surround your firepit with everything else on this list, you may as well throw in a tent and a sleeping bag because you will never want to leave your patio.



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