Shopper's Guide Patio Umbrella

Shoppers guide to Patio Umbrellas

Common Types

Market umbrellas

Upright umbrellas with a straight pole at their center. These umbrellas can be used with a dining table or as a standalone shade solution. Market umbrellas will sometimes include a tilting mechanism at their tops, but their standard shape is straight and symmetrical.


Cantilever umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas have a sturdy base, curved pole, and canopy that is offset from the base of the umbrella. Cantilever umbrellas allow shading of lounge furniture arrangements or other difficult-to-shade areas, without the obstruction of an umbrella pole in the center of the space. These umbrellas are generally larger in size (with canopies averaging between 9’-13’) though smaller cantilever umbrellas are also available.


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